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Action / Horror / Thriller



Hoping to find proof of the paranormal, five film students set out to document the legendary Copper Queen Hospital. But as the sun goes down, they experience something far worse than they ever could have imagined and they find themselves pursued by a blood thirsty maniac.


Quin Davis

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackmeat 2 /10

Sorry you lost a bet and have to watch this rubbish

If you watched or are going to watch this movie, you must have miserably lost a bet. Yes, kids, this movie is that bad. So here is the story (doesn't deserve the word plot) of this movie. Some student, Maya, played by Megan Davis, has to create a documentary on something new and fresh for a class. Of course her semi-psychotic roommate comes up with a supposedly haunted hospital where children were mistreated. Starts off with the doctor blowing his brains out before the credits roll and I guess we are supposed to care about what/who was trying to get into his office. Typical story, so off the kids go to get the skinny from the locals and head into the hospital to film (after hearing the story of some kid that was locked away never to be seen again). Insert the usual clichés including the ever present separating from each other at the stupidest times. OK if this review sounds disjointed, it is because the movie is a train wreck. Of course they are not alone, some I don't know what to call it, big dude with a goatee covered in blood and a long knife thing attached to his arm starts hunting them down and killing them one by one. The gore was OK for a low budget but nothing exciting. At no point do they bother explaining what the hell this thing was or why he was there. At a few points we do so the ghost of the kid, but that also never develops into a damn thing either. So one by one they are killed, 1 person lives, I'll let you figure out who. Sorry for that big spoiler, but if you read this and then see this, you deserve it, and also to be slapped. OK, acting, give me a break. Scenery, cool little abandoned town, woohoo. This movie is getting it's number for one short scene, and that is it, a very disturbing looking dream that Maya has towards the beginning (no spoiler). Beyond that 2 minutes, terrible. Well, 1.9/10 IMDb 2.7 I would like to point out the 2 reviews already here are clearly made by people who worked on the movie, so the numbers are very skewed. Don't enjoy.

Reviewed by komer83 1 /10

waste of time

This movie was a complete waste of 83 minutes, not including the popcorn. It starts nice, cool story bro. But that about it. You think there's going to be a story, and a good one because it begins really nice, but there is no story, there is no line, it's just nothing.

Bad acting, no real story, funny dead puppets.

Complete waste of time, don't bother. If you want some horror and/or gore, this movie is not for you. In fact, this movie is not for anyone. There are ghosts in this movie, but they are not doing anything and not relating to the story. There is a killer there, but who, what, where, or anything about him, is unknown. You can make some connections in your mind, but you can't say if you're right or wrong because there is no story, only a beginning of one.

So really, don't waste your time on it, better watch Power Rangers all over again.

Reviewed by sciberrasbecky 3 /10

Leaves much to be desired..

This film, although I appreciate is a first attempt at a horror type movie, leaves much to be desired. The actors portrayed their parts in an amateur fashion and were given the stereotypical personalities so often seen in this movie genre. Some characters (Maya) were portrayed decently enough however other characters seemed forced and very static.

The plot could be interesting if it were told in a more compelling fashion but unfortunately the concept was not strong enough to deem the film 'good'. The make-up was another issue as the antagonist was shown very clearly with close-ups and bright lighting and the film could not get away with their make-up application and choices.

I do understand that this is a first production for the director and it is a commendable attempt however this film lacked finesse and was quite sloppy at times (some parts are very blatantly bad editing; one can hear sound being cut in and out and even re-recordings do not flow with the scene).

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