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The 1977 Broadway musical returns to the big screen with this Overbrook Entertainment/Sony Pictures production surrounding a 10-year-old Harlem foster child (played by Beasts of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhané Wallis) taken in by a calculating billionaire (Jamie Foxx) who's campaigning to be mayor. Abandoned by her biological parents as a baby, Annie (Wallis) spends every moment of every day attempting to avoid the wrath of her cruel foster mother Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz). Thing start to look up for Annie, however, when she has a very public encounter with Will Stacks (Foxx), a local cell-phone mogul with mayoral ambitions. Stacks campaign isn't going too well until he meets Annie and invites her into his home at the suggestion of his trusted top assistant Grace (Rose Byrne) and his ambitious PR advisor Guy (Bobby Cannavale). Meanwhile, what was originally conceived as a PR stunt to win over skeptical voters becomes something much more personal when the jaded tycoon realizes his ...


Will Gluck


Quvenzhané Wallis
as Annie Beckett
Jamie Foxx
as William "Will" Stacks
Rose Byrne
as Grace Farell
Cameron Diaz
as Miss Hannigan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ggspot81 1 /10

"What" "Really"

Who ever thought this was a great idea for a movie was so Wrong. Pass.

Reviewed by comps-784-38265 1 /10

The Sun Ain't Coming Out Tomorrow with this film

Trying to modernise a well loved story/classic film is fraught with danger.

If you change things you are damned for changing. If you keep things the same you are damned by comparison to the 'classic' versions that have gone before.

This film fails on both levels.

Setting it in modern times makes you cringe with embarrassment.

Acting kids always have that smiley theatre trained over confident, precocious totally unreal 'fake' sound and look, which is pretty much standard for a group of kids, particularly in a musical. In this offering they actually reach a new level of annoyance.

But you can excuse the kids, because the adults are so so much worse.

Cameron Diaz cannot act - it was pitiful.

Do not waste your time watch this film, you will never get that 2 hours of your life back. You have been warned.

Reviewed by cultfilmfreaksdotcom 1 /10

Rock Bottom Dollar Sorrow

To make people forget what you're taking the place of, the most effective device is to mention that particular thing to get it… or in this case… to get her out of the way, quick.

So begins the new ANNIE inside a classroom where a redheaded girl wraps up an annoying presentation... and then it's time for the next student, also named ANNIE, played by last year's Oscar nominated Quvenzhané Wallis, who not only trumps this movie's pseudo Annie but the original, Aileen Quinn's iconic orphan, is outdone in one aspect – compared to a haves and have nots opening number inspired by The New Deal, FDR never had such posthumous promotion.

ANNIE, a MR. DEEDS style mainstream comedy with pop culture references galore, introduces each character as if they were cameos in a parody instead of a genuine remake, or in this case... altering from the 1930's into modern day... a reboot.

Wallis sleepwalks through the pains and joys of the title character, and replacing Carol Burnett as the mean orphanage… or rather… Foster Home den mother is Cameron Diaz. Almost letting her guard down right off the bat, Miss Hannigan seems more like a cranky Aunt than a villain with a hatred for little girls… Providing the orphans nothing to really fear. In fact they seem completely at home, and in control: The place ain't too shabby.

Warbucks Unnamed The real heavy is Bobby Cannavale, stepping into the Tim Curry role as a nefarious climber seeking a big raise from his boss, the new Daddy Warbucks in the form of Jamie Foxx as Stacks, a cell phone magnate running for New York City Mayor and, losing in the polls, he takes in an orphan for a needed boost.

During their pivotal field trip bonding experience, Foxx and Wallis have the awkward non-chemistry of two actors who just started rehearsing lines. Stacks isn't very uptight to begin with for his eventual heart-melting transition to matter, while Annie doesn't seem to really need anything, much less a new parent. Songs between the duo border banal and creepy. And as Rose Byrne attempts tying loose ends together, there's just not anything between anyone – even the dog seems bored.

The original hard knocking classics aside, the new tunes lend nothing to an actual story, which isn't an entertaining rags to riches coming-of-age musical but a pointless attempt to bring a famous Comic Strip/Broadway/Cinema character back to life by throwing everything into the pot, hoping something will land.

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