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As Dreamers Do


Action / Biography / Drama / Family



Behind every great mouse there is a man - Armed with an ever growing imagination and eternal optimism, Walt begins to develop skills as an animator early in life. He overcomes a variety of hardships to become one of the biggest icons in the world: Walt Disney.


Logan Sekulow


Travis Tritt
as The Narrator
Olan Rogers
as Walt Disney
Ryan Dunlap
as Roy Disney
Mark Stuart
as Elias Disney

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by astrokicker 1 /10

Bad all around. Full of religious agenda. Stay away!

If you can't tell from the majority of the other reviews, the largely positive score this film has on IMDb is totally bunk. I'm convinced that the people involved in the production of this flop are responsible. If you take anything away from the following review, let it be this: the movie was dreadful and you should stay away.

As a huge Disney fan, I was extremely disappointed. The acting was horrible, the directing was dreadful, and the film ends without showing any of Walt's successes after going to California. It more or less leaves the "plot" of this biopic falling sinfully short. But with how utterly bad this movie is, it's probably a kindness that it ends so abruptly.

I'd also like to address the Christian agenda of this film. They blatantly and unapologetically use any excuse to insert messages of faith throughout this entire catastrophe. I'm not talking about once or twice, either. It permeates the whole film.

I have absolutely no issue with Christianity or people having faith. However, the attempt at cramming a Christian message inappropriately throughout the entire movie was distracting and far too excessive. Frankly, instead of inspiring me I was left incredibly uncomfortable - not because it was a religious message - but because of how forced it felt.

Coincidentally the only "professional" review (also mysteriously positive) was from a Christian review site.

Be you an avid Disney fan or someone merely curious about the life of an amazing man, I would hold out until the Walt Disney Corporation itself does a proper biopic. Stay as far away as possible from this lemon. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Reviewed by elizabethstadtmueller 1 /10

An Abomination

This film is horrific. Historically wrong, especially regarding religious agenda, and, as other reviewers have said, it does not make sense why a biopic of one of the most genius humans on the planet was this terribly made. Acting was dreadful, cinematography was dreadful, there are no saving graces.

There are some terrible movies that are so ridiculous, or a particular actor saves it and it becomes a cult classic. This is not one of them. It is offensive to anyone who has studied Disney history and admires the man behind the mouse.

To be specific rather then just opinionated the film does not address the problems Walt had with his father, does not convey the severity of his finances and money management, and throwing out quotes from Disney movies to make "inspirational" statements gets old incredibly quickly.

Reviewed by smalltown-227-207739 1 /10

Pitiful Acting and Awful Dialogue

Warning, only watch this movie if you can stomach really bad acting.

The fact that IMDb gave this a 7.5 out of 10 will forever negate any credibility the rating has in my eyes. The storyline is fine, but the acting and dialog is terrible. I find it ironic that the story of the founder of a brand known for rich media and superb entertainment is portrayed in such a pitiful manner. I guess Disney didn't think it was worth the investment to do the film itself.

I'm not sure I would even recommend this movie for Walt Disney fans. It does a good job with the story, but the acting may tarnish whatever reputation he has in your mind.

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