Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild (2013) torrent download

Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild


Action / Adventure / Comedy



Ashens' insane fictional search for a piece of fabled electronic tat: the Game Child. Accompanied by fan-favourite Chef Excellence (a human version, not the bloody puppet), together they try to overcome the odds - and all common sense - to lay their hands on the legendary Game Child, an old knock-off handheld video game console. But a shadowy figure, aided by Ashens' irritating nemesis, wants the game for their own dastardly ends.


Riyad Barmania


Robert Llewellyn
as The Professor
Victoria Broom
as The Maiden in Black

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnedwards712 9 /10

A genuinely hilarious film that lives up-to the hype

I must admit that after seeing the initial trailers, each focused on an individual character, that I was slightly worried about the final product. I was worried that Chef Excellence was too much of a departure from the Tesco Value gin drinking Italian we all know and love. I worried that the film would be overloaded with secondary characters that would detract from the film. I must confess to also being worried that Stuart would be a bit wooden in the acting department.

So when it was released I sat down to watch the film ready to be disappointed... but then I laughed. And again. I laughed virtually from beginning to end.

My fears were completely blown out of the water within a matter of minutes. From an absolutely brilliant Bond-inspired intro sequence to the very last post-credits scene this really is a gem.

Despite my initial hesitation regarding Stuart's acting ability I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from a couple of moments of woodenness on the whole he is great. He really comes across as a very likable lead and his comic timing is perfect.

The rest of the cast are just as good. Dan Tomlinon played a very different Chef Excellence than we have seen before but it is a change that works. He flirts from sad to manic all in a second and his rivalry with a certain other chef is, er, brilliant. From Guru Larry and Crabstickz to Warwick Davis and Robert Llewellyn the film is full of memorable parts. The brilliant thing is that none of them outstay their welcome and slow the film down. The film always remains focused on our unlikely hero and his even more unlikely sidekick.

With a script that references everything from 'The Goonies' to 'Indiana Jones' it really is a cracking film.

I would even say that I enjoyed this more than recently released 'The Worlds End', which is a real testament to everyone involved with the film.

Well done lads.

Reviewed by crabman94 10 /10

Well made, quick, and funny

In a world where we have not one, but multiple "Fred" movies, it is a breath of fresh air to see a movie based off an internet character not only done well, but that is legitimately funny all throughout as well. While there are a lot of in-jokes for those who watch the Ashens youtube channel, none of them are spotlight jokes and the movie is 100% accessible to people who've never heard of Ashens. If some said that they were making a movie for youtube, it would probably be expected to be terrible and with an apparent lack of budget, but this movie is a very well made film with very solid writing, and it will simultaneously prove that movies made specifically for free viewing on youtube can be quality works while also setting the precedent. I do have to complain that the movie feels a bit rushed, it is a very quick watch and it leaves a little to be desired.

Reviewed by davidaustinf-762-280535 10 /10

One of the best low budget films even for non ashen fans

This really is a great movie. With a true plot and story and even without the high cost Hollywood production it still is filmed with good acting and story. A lot of passion and care was put into this film. Even if you were not a fan of Ashens famous pop station reviews you may still like this film. The film mixes real life film with little extra clay animation for a little better effect. The two main actors Ashens and chef excellence(Jeff) really do provide good acting that would not expect from a lower budget film as well as the background actors and the stage sets. Great concept/story of him going after a game boy clone the story is clear and easy to follow.

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