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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Sci-Fi



Austin Powers is a 60's spy who is cryonically frozen and released in the 1990's. The world is a very different place for Powers. Unfortunately for Austin, everyone is no longer sex-mad. Although he may be in a different decade, his mission is still the same. He has teamed up with Vanessa Kensington to stop the evil Dr. Evil, who was also frozen in the past. Dr. Evil stole a nuclear weapon and is demanding a payment of (when he realises its the 90's) 100 billion dollars. Can Austin Powers stop this madman? or will he caught up with Evil's henchman, with names like Alotta Fagina and Random Task? Only time will tell!


Jay Roach


Mike Myers
as Austin Powers / Dr. Evil
Elizabeth Hurley
as Vanessa Kensington
Michael York
as Basil Exposition
Mimi Rogers
as Mrs. Kensington
Robert Wagner
as Number Two
Seth Green
as Scott Evil
Fabiana Udenio
as Alotta Fagina

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xophianic 8 /10

Destined to become a classic!

When I first saw this movie advertised, I had no interest whatsoever in seeing it. I was a Mike Myers fan, but AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY looked like the stupidest and least creative movie of the year. But after hearing of a few of the hilarious scenes of the movie, I decided to test my faith in Myers and give it a try. It turned out to be one of the funniest movies I'd seen in a long time.

The swinging hipster from the 60's, Austin Powers (Mike Myers), puts himself in deep freeze for thirty years to pursue his archenemy, Dr. Evil (Mike Myers). He is thawed out in the 90's when Dr. Evil finally reappears and plans to drill a missile to the center of the earth and destroy the planet core, and then the world. Austin Powers, with the help of his true love Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), must find a way to stop Dr. Evil and shag Vanessa. But Dr. Evil has some very dangerous customers working for him, such as Number Two (Robert Wagner), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), Mustafa (Will Ferrell) and his son Scott Evil (Seth Green) who thinks his father should just kill Austin rather than make a complicated plan to get rid of him.

The plot of this movie is a big spoof of movies such as the JAMES BOND films, so it's not expected to be anything but funny, which it certainly is. Don't listen to people who say this is for middle-school kids, people of all ages can enjoy this movie. It should also be said that Dr. Evil is a terrific character because, in addition to being very funny, is the stereotype spy-movie bad guy.

The acting in this movie is pretty good. Mike Myers plays both Austin Power and Dr. Evil, two very different characters, very well. Elizabeth Hurley does a very good job as Austin's girlfriend. Both Seth Green, who I think has a long, successful career ahead of him, and Mindy Sterling are very funny. Robert Wagner and Michael York, two Hollywood veterans, do good jobs with the small parts they have. Will Farrell is underplayed in this movie, but it very funny in the scene he is in. The Fembots, by the way, are terrific.

This movie is destined to become a movie classic, and "Yeah baby!" will be a catch phrase that will be remembered years from now. Austin Power and Dr. Evil are both stereotype symbols of past movies. Basically, these two guys are symbols of American film, at least for that particular genre. Don't expect much out of this movie except for a good laugh and a good time and you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 /10

Here's A Fast-Moving 90 Minutes

Austin Powers: Man of Mystery I'm embarrassed to admit this one-and-a-half hours of hedonistic humor was so enjoyable, but it was, and the two sequels weren't bad, either, but not as good as this one.

This is stupid; this is corny; it has way too many sexual innuendos, particularly for the millions of teens who saw this film.....but it is undeniably funny. It's also extremely colorful and the '60s clothing is a hoot to see once again (yeah, I remember it well.) This is the like the TV-program "Laugh-In," but with a dumb story.

I have no complaints looking at Elizabeth Hurley ("Vanessa Kensington") and Michael Myers ("Austin Powers"), with his crooked teeth, stupid grin and ridiculous sayings made me laugh. This is a very fast-moving film, a spoof of James Bond and a spoof of the crazy '60s.

The 90 minutes go by quickly.

Reviewed by Coxer99 8 /10

The Finest Spoof...

In this hilarious spoof of 60's spy flicks, a swinging secret agent is thawed out of his cryogenic state in order to combat his old nemesis. The laughs never stop as Myers entertains in two pivotal roles. Hurley is sexy as Austin's partner and love interest. Robert Wagner finds ways to make fun of his "It Takes a Thief" character and is very entertaining in the process. A quickly paced film that generates constant laughs with each viewing. A sequel is soon to be released...Yeah, baby!

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