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Barb Wire


Action / Sci-Fi



In the early 21st century, the USA is in the wake of the Second Civil War. The whole country is in a constant state of emergency. What was formerly called the American Congress now rules the country with fascistic methods. There is only one free city left, Steel Harbor, a coastal California industrial town which is headquarters for the resistance. This is the home town of Barb Wire, owner of the Hammerhead nightclub. As times aren't good, Barb has a second job. She's a bounty hunter and you probably wouldn't want her after you. Barb's credo is to never take sides for anybody and that's the only way to survive these days in the crime-ridden streets of Steel Harbor. One evening, her former lover Axel Hood appears at the club asking for a favor to help him and his lover Cora D flee the country to Canada, Barb suddenly finds herself to be key player on high political stage. Now she has to take sides.


David Hogan


Pamela Anderson
as Barbara Kopetski
Victoria Rowell
as Dr. Corrina Devonshire
Jack Noseworthy
as Charlie Kopetski
Udo Kier
as Curly
Steve Railsback
as Colonel Pryzer
Xander Berkeley
as Alexander Willis

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DJ Inferno N/A


What do you really expect from a chick like Pamela Anderson..? That she´s performing character roles Meryl Streep is normally meant to play?!? In this film you get her usual qualities in a sufficient amount: Pam is pretty, Pam is sexy and she´s joking in a self-ironic humor for the whole film. So what do you want more?!? The opening sequence is great and Udo Kier, one of the most culty German actors next to the deceased Klaus Kinski is also in! Of course, if you expect a great film you certainly will be disappointed: the set decoration is pretty cheap and the plot is stolen from "Casablanca". Nevertheless "Barb Wire" is very entertaining and should be regarded as funny action trash with an attractive main actress - nothing more, nothing less! Just be glad that David Hasselhoff is not in!!! (6/10)

Reviewed by guisreis 7 /10

A distopic remake of 'Casablanca' with Pamela Anderson: surprisingly, it is not bad

Although based in comic book series, the "Barb Wire" movie intends to be a remake o classical "Casablanca". It keeps the core elements of the 40's film, but adapts it to a distopic sci-fi action futuristic movie. Pamela Anderson plays Barb, a role similar to Bogart's Rick. The gender of the love affair from the past and of the third part of the love triangle have also been changed. The fictional town of Steel Harbor in the United States replaces Casablanca and the story is held during a futuristic Second Civil War rather than in the beginning of World War II. Both protagonists own a bar/nightclub, but Barb Wire is also a bounty huntress. As this remake is a sci-fi film, special contact lenses that cheat retinal scans substitute the letters of transit kept with Rick. As predictable, acting is worse in this remake, which has much more action. Off course "Casablanca" is much better, but surprisingly "Barb Wire" is not bad, in spite of the bad critics it has received.

Reviewed by Kevin-11-2 N/A

Not great, but a lot of fun.

I'm a fan of the comic book series, Barb Wire (or was, until its cancellation). And I'm afraid I have mixed feelings about the movie. It certainly isn't true to the comic. Barb isn't a tough as nails, but guided by her morals woman. She's a cold blooded killer for hire, in this one. Still, it's difficult not to like Pam Anderson's role, if only because of her being sexy. There is a touch of humor in her campy portrayal. It's not spectacular acting, but it's fun. Pamela also resembles the comic book Barb to an uncanny degree, and the supporting cast is wonderfully cartoony. The story isn't well written, but it gives the cute one liners ("Don't... call me babe"), and action sequences, which are all fun to watch. I realize that it isn't high art, but this movie just has a level of silliness and seriousness that's hard not to like. The music, story, and dialogue all give the movie its cheesiness, and in some way, it's made to be entertaining.

Pam is extremely sexy in this movie, and great to watch. She has a scowl all the time, and is dressed to kill in low cut, tight outfits. Sadly, we don't get that much nudity (which alone could have carried the movie). The scenes where there is some, it's pretty clear, and we get a good look at Pamela's incredible body, and the atmosphere and her poses are always very sexy. But there isn't enough of this. It's a fun blend of action, silly dialogue, nudity, and... well Pamela Anderson. Go rent it. It's not a great movie, but it's not a terrible one, and one that's a heck of a good time. NOTE: I suggest the unrated version. It contains more nudity (there isn't that much to begin with) and a ten minutes of footage at the end with Pamela nude in a bathtub, which is really great.

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