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Barbie in the Pink Shoes


Action / Animation / Family



Dance your way to a magical adventure with Barbie(TM) as Kristyn(TM), a ballerina with big dreams! When she tries on a pair of sparkling pink shoes, she and her best friend, Hailey(TM), are whisked away to a fantastical ballet world. There, Kristyn(TM) discovers she must dance in her favorite ballets in order to defeat an evil Snow Queen. With performances to the legendary Giselle and Swan Lake ballets, it's a wonderful journey where if you dance with your heart, dreams come true!


Owen Hurley


Trevor Devall
as Albrecht / Ballet Scout #1 (voice)
Brett Dier
as Dillon / Prince Seigfried (voice)
Katie Crown
as Hailey (voice)
Ali Liebert
as Tara / Hannah (voice)
Bill Mondy
as Rothbart / Thorpe / Peasant (voice)
Kyle Rideout
as Hilarion / Ballet Scout #2 (voice)
Teryl Rothery
as Giselle's Mom / Queen Vera (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vashley12 10 /10

It's perfect for kids, what more do you need?

I sat down and watched this with my boyfriend's five year old niece and obviously wasn't expecting much of it, as I had my homework open in front of me. However, this film was very sweet, creative, entertaining, and actually did make a statement on the value of individuality and creative input. Just as this story was an adaption on the likes of Swan Lake, the main character put her own spin on the dances for the ballet, enhancing her own talent and ultimately winning over the rest of the characters with her sincerity and charm! How could one say this movie is pointless, when if she had chosen not to believe in herself the movie would have a boring and unfulfilling outcome? My boyfriend's niece was laughing her way through this film and rooting for the characters as the many turns of the plot kept her engaged-- and I found myself rooting with her. For all this movie portrays itself to be, I have no problem giving it 10/10.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 9 /10

The best of the Barbie movies since Diamond Castle

While I do like the Barbie movies in general- I really do think we need to put an end to the stereotype that Barbie movies are for little girls only, the Tinkerbell and My Little Pony franchise get the same treatment and they are much better than you think when they're given a chance- they have been going downhill lately. While I enjoyed Christmas Carol, Three Musketeers and the Mermaid movies, Fairy Secret and Fashion Fairytale were awful and I didn't care all that much for Princess and the Popstar either. I found myself, despite some ropey dialogue, really loving Barbie in the Pink Shoes. The top 3 Barbie movies for me are Nutcracker, Diamond Castle and Island Princess(really liked Swan Lake, Rapunzel, Princess and the Pauper and 12 Dancing Princess as well), but Pink Shoes is the best since Diamond Castle. The animation is beautiful, the colours reminding me a little of those used for the latest Tinkerbell movie, and the character movements seem to have more of a sense of freedom compared to the older Barbie entries. I also loved the music, it was a welcome return to the classical music that made Nutcracker and Swan Lake for example so enchanting and ballet fans(like me) will love the use of Swan Lake and Giselle, two of the all-time greats of the genre. The story is simple with some nice fairy-tale elements in the mix, it's also very sweet and charming and the closest to the spirit of the older Barbie movies than any of the movies since 12 Dancing Princesses. And it isn't a Barbie movie(or at least a good one) without a message to learn from, while it is a familiar one there is one and it is a good one and one that isn't pushed down the throat. The characters engage, Barbie is a likable and resourceful protagonist, like the older entries and any that aren't Fairy Secret or especially Fashion Fairytale(where she's a stereotypical brat). And the Snow Queen is every bit as icy as she sounds. The voice acting is solid too, having Kelly Sheridan is a big bonus as I felt some of the later movies suffered even more without her. All in all, really nice and the best entry of the franchise since Diamond Castle. There is no problem if you don't legitimately like it, just give it a chance without any kind of prejudices. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by MissBrookeDavis N/A

Graphics are good, story is bad.

It's very noticeable that they refined the motion capture and the overall look (great hair, clothing fluidity), but it's such a shame that the story is actually pointless, and there is no clear lesson to learn. Is it about standing up for your opinions? Or is making a point that disobedience is okay?

I don't want to give too much away but the plot involves "Giselle" and "Swan Lake." And it's odd that they didn't RE-cast her as the lead in The Nutcracker as well (although the lead characters ARE present in this movie, sort of).

Dialogue is weak, and the storyline is just a mess. This movie might just be FOR KIDS after all. I had high hopes for it though, because Princess & The Popstar, Princess Charm School, and The Mermaid Tale series are actually way better.

BTW, saw it because I have a three-year old. She enjoyed watching the dance routines though.

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