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Battle of the Year


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The producer Dante Graham promotes a group of b-boys expecting to bring the Battle of the Year Trophy back to the USA that have not won it in fifteen years. He hires his friend and former basketball coach Jason Blake that grieves the loss of his wife and son to prepare his team. Blake fires the whole team since they do not have motivation and decides to select a new group of dancers under the nickname of Dream Team. He also hires the youngster Franklyn and the choreographer of break-dance Stacy to help him. Along the months, Blake tries to implement teamwork and works hard with the group. In the competition in France, he has a great surprise.


Benson Lee

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Reviewed by I_love_planes_1 2 /10


OK Benson so being a former b-boy myself and a lover of film I decided to check out your movie. I was a big fan of your documentary Planet B- boy and I watched it in theaters and bought it on DVD. I showed it to all my friends to introduce them to b-boying and I went into this movie with high hopes. Sadly Benson you let me down. This movie fails not because of the story, which is crap but its typical dance movie fare so I do not blame you for that. No one goes to see kung fu movies for the story they are there for the fighting and the same can be said for dance movies. Sure there were a few things in the script that where a bit insulting, you made all the b-boys act like children fighting over girls and oohing and awing over a women choreographer. If these guys were teenagers it would make sense, but they are grown men and I would hope they wouldn't act like that in real life. However the real failings lye with the dance scenes. I don't know what you did Benson but I was in Montipellier for Battle of the year back in 2011 when you guys filmed this movie and what I saw live was 50 times better than what you put on screen. You needed to hire a new editor first of all. Whenever you had dancing on screen you seemed more focused on showing the crowd, the reactions of the b-boys and the other main characters than on the dancing itself. It was so choppy and jumpy that by the time it went back the dancing I got so disoriented I could not tell what was going on (It amounted to dance shaky cam and as a movie fan you know the world wide audience has lost interest in that even in action movies). If you have been reading b-boy message boards you ought to know that for years we have been complaining about live b- boy feeds of events because they do the exact same thing as your movie does, not focus on the dance. You did the same thing in planet b-boy but I simply saw that as you having to cram in 5, 6 min performances and 2, 20 min battles into an hour and half documentary. It seemed you were trying to use the editing to move the audience instead of letting the dance do it on its own. Also I did not understand why you felt it necessary to have two hosts commentating over the last battles and basically telling us "hey this is cool", did you feel the audience wouldn't understand that an air flair looked cool? I know you probably needed to get a lot of difference sponsors to get this movie made so I will not call you out on the product placement because I understand. But having someone from MTV tell the audience how they should be reacting is just plain dumb, I didn't see any commentators in You Got Served, they just showed the final dance. Speaking of the final dance that's where I gave up completely on your movie. The battle I saw in France was amazing, it was the first time I had seen a mock movie battle that felt like a real battle. You also did the battle to Big Daddy Kane's – Wrath of Kane which wasn't in the movie! If you couldn't get the rights to the song fine, they why not get another song, heck you used The Roots – Boom in one of the scenes why not save that for the final battle. Instead what we got was some generic orchestral score and so you could not see the b-boys actually dancing to song or hitting beats. We just got a generic who can do the cooler moves which ended in a flipping battle?.................Lame, for all the talk in the movie that this is an art form and a dance the general audience comes out of the movie going "I like the part when they did those back flips and when that Korean guy put his leg behind his head" instead of saying "wow I really liked it when rebel (casper) hit those beats" WHICH HE DID IN THE REAL BATTLE. Maybe you do love b-boying Benson but your movie does not show that. It shows a disinterred direction more focused telling the audience that they should find this cool rather than just showing the dance as is and having them either accepting it or not. I look forward to your next movie, a time period highschool drama in Korea about kids in the 80's might be more what you're suited for. I know I won't get your frenetic editing for one thing at least. You have my money for your next movie and you are a much more successful person than I will ever be, but I simply could not sit here and not say anything about your movie. Nothing but the best for your future, Luka (B-Boy Architect)

Reviewed by Plutos_Charm 1 /10

Horrible :-)

I have never been happy to see a movie flop than I am at this one. This movie is the hugest pile of garbage I ever witnessed -- and I sat through Chernobyl Diaries. Don't waste your time watching this crap, let alone your money.

I watched some of it online for the dancing but even that was trash. The acting is poor. Chris Brown and everyone else try so hard to be the "cool guy" or "sensitive jock" archetype, but, instead they look like a bunch of amateurs that turned an already bad script into just another teen drama bullshit story with 90s music, shaky cameras, and scenes that have no substance but push the plot forward. Not to mention the fact that dance movies weren't really ever good, but have been increasingly bad starting from You Got Served. Don't bother with this (not like I expect anyone to, anyway). Hopefully Chris brown will learn from this and stick to was he's known for; making music and beating women...better yet, hopefully he'll decide to leave fame all together. 1/10

Reviewed by Ahsenb 3 /10

Such a Disappointment

This is my first review to IMDb, all the time I had thought that my first one would be about whether an amazing movie or the worst. And beyond any doubt, this is one of the worsts I've ever watched. I've been waiting for a long time to watch this movie and still can't believe it was such a terrible movie. I am as sick as a parrot. It was waste of time, literally it was. I wanted to watch this movie especially for Josh Holloway but even he has no special acting. There is nothing special about this movie at all, may be except the results of the competition but it was not enough. Acting was not good, dancing was bad and the music was not good too.

It was completely a disappointment for me. I gave 3 points, just because I thought that at least I watched it from the beginning to the end. I try not to see the glass as half empty.

To sum up, if you really don't want to waste your time, don't watch this movie guys.

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