Claire is about to get married, but her bachelorette party quickly spirals out of control.


Jason Friedberg

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Reviewed by swo0 2 /10

Nope, don't go see this one

From the makers of Disaster Movie and the likes comes a new low.

The story is a failed rip-off from The Hangover where 4 women: the rich neat sister, the weird one, the loose one and the one about to be married head to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party, their booking went all wrong so they just go out to get as drunk as they possibly can. What follows are seemingly random scenes akin to the stories my wannabe hip uncle tells at birthdays.

Still, if everything else was great it could have been saved. Unfortunately this isn't the case. The acting ranges from bad to mediocre. The editing only makes it worse, where sometimes people respond 2 seconds too late to shocking news. And the camera is horrible, they went for the handy-cam way of shooting the movie which makes for crappy quality and constantly gives you the feeling that you're watching some embarrassing home video that didn't quite make it to the funniest home videos show.

If after all of this you still want to see it, watch the trailer instead as anything remotely funny or worthwhile is in the trailer.

Reviewed by kevymac66 1 /10

if you watch comedy, you wont recognize this POS

Wow...I've never seen a movie that tries so hard to be funny yet misses every single time. At no point did I laugh, smile, grin, or chuckle. Even worse, it wasn't even the kind of crappy movie that you can laugh at how crappy it is. The funniest part of the last hour and 40 minutes of my life is when I read a reviewer say its a "female hangover with a few more laughs". In order to find this film in any way funny you have to be on whatever drug that aforementioned reviewer was guess is laughing gas, and lots of it. I have literally found two separate funerals I have attended in my lifetime funnier than this movie...FUNERALS!!! (Long story on the funerals)

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 /10

Bag it

Found footage has its claws everywhere by now. Even with this comedy, about a group of girls trying to party and celebrate the night before one of them is going to get married. Fittingly (if you want to see it in a positive light) the German title of the movie became "Hangover Girls" (with "added" 3D effects for some odd reason too).

Not every joke is hitting the spot (if you'll excuse the pun), but it has some nice drive to it or maybe its the charm of a B-movie that surrounds it. I thought it did well to hide the fact that it didn't have enough money, by making things appear as story elements (we can't go there, because ... something or other). Of course this can be seen as cheap too (which it literally is), but I'm not holding that against it. I've seen worse but obviously also better movies ...

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