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Black & White & Sex


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Prostitute. Hooker. Sex Worker. Whore. Candid and seductive, Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex. As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she also exposes the man who is interviewing her. Sometimes provocative and confronting, sometimes tender, poignant and sexy, Black & White & Sex takes you behind the scenes and into Angies very special world. There's a question here for every man and an answer for every woman. Anyone who pays is welcome - but leave your expectations at the door sex is never black and white.


John Winter

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Reviewed by cB391 5 /10

Well Intended, and extremely limited in scope

This movies does what it intends to do. "Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex" is in the storyline, and she (in the plural sense) does. Multiple versions of Angie allow for a wider look at the similarities within sex workers, though only can be connected to those who freely enter the trade, do not face violence, police corruption etc.

The film is written and directed by John Winter who wants the male viewer to see the film as more than simply sexual, but it is hard to do so. The male gaze is amplified with Matthew Holmes (the interviewer), who essentially explores his own prior relationships through relating to various prostitutes.

Overall, the film doesn't explore more than a simplistic look between money, sex and emotions. It tries to explicitly imply the power that sex has on people, and the reversal of roles in the film helps to dictate this well. There are a few character developing moments in the movie, but overall it does not "set the record straight on sex". In a way it tries to universalize emotion by having the multiple Angie's, and generalizes all males in the same way.

The emotional connection with the audience is built through a physical one, rather than anything else, as vulnerability is seen throughout the film, but is not explained as anything outside of the physical, with little importance paid to power and dominance.

I would rate this film a 5/10 while the ratings might range from 3-8 depending on personal tastes. The film doesn't seem to have much of a budget, and didn't need it. The transitions were good and provided the meaning intended. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, and that might explain the low feedback for this movie. It is dealing with a taboo subject, but it deals with it superficially, and therefore there is but a few statements that can be taken away (if you have no knowledge on the subject), but otherwise it isn't worth watching.

Reviewed by LloydBayer 8 /10

Brilliant, stylish, astute, and thoroughly engaging.

Just watched this multi-layered indie mockumentary called Black & White & Sex. Beautifully shot in monochrome using multiple cameras with several women posing as 'Angie', a sex worker. The supposed interview talks about sex as a commodity but within parameters of morality, submission, power-play and erotism. Then it opens up into classy film noir laced with wicked humor. Unconventionally fresh as a film consciously narrated within a film, this is topnotch crotch talk and a rare Aussie gem crafted with style and a bit of acquired taste.

Amongst the eight actresses who play Angie, I can't think of anyone who stands out because they are all brilliant, each carrying the discussion forward until it reaches a climax (pun unintended). The discussion itself is written and filmed as a documentary where the premise is about prostitution and all its highs and lows as a profession. We don't see the director and I suspect this was intentional. More so because the director (or the unseen) also represents us, the audience, with all our perceptions about prostitution and its moral implications (or lack of). The best part of the film is not what happens in the end, but the power-play between Angie and the director. Metaphorically, it's something like sex, where each partner takes turns in dominating the other, until both reach a 'happing ending'. The reason why this film is shot in black and white is just astounding and another metaphor that reveals itself once we arrive at the inner most layer of the discussion.

Black & White & Sex is highly recommended as a brilliant film that not only tries to eliminate the taboo behind prostitution, but reiterates why it is sometimes a necessary evil. It's all about perception and what sex means to anyone watching this film, be it consummated, consensual or means to self-gratification. Best served with oysters!

Reviewed by saumikg 5 /10

So near yet so far...

For most of the movie I was totally into it. That is till the moment I realized the interviews were not real (but a scripted one, its a film-not a documentary; silly me). It felt like a bucket of cold water being poured over my head. But till the realization dawned, it came across as a pretty overwhelming series of talks with the sex-workers, too bad it was not real. If the interviews were not make-believe, it would have been quite a piece of work. Since I watched this without any prior information about the project, I watched through 90% of the movie believing it to be a documentary & I was deeply moved by it. That is until the last segment where the script suddenly stops making sense, and all the built up quickly evaporates. Hence the 5 of 10 rating.

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