Blades of Glory (2007) torrent download

Blades of Glory


Action / Comedy / Sport



When rivalry between the world's best men's figure skaters - sex addicted, improvisational Chazz Michael Michaels and germophobic, precise Jimmy MacElroy - breaks into a fight on the awards platform, they're banned from the event for life. Three years later, desire for a gold medal and a careful reading of the rules lead them to compete as skating's first male-male pair. Can they overcome mutual dislike, limited time to prepare, their coach's secret past, and the dirty tricks of their main opponents, the Van Waldenberg siblings? The key to victory or defeat may lie in the attraction of the virginal Jimmy toward Katie, the Van Waldenbergs' little sister.


Josh Gordon


Will Ferrell
as Chazz Michael Michaels
Jon Heder
as Jimmy MacElroy
Will Arnett
as Stranz Van Waldenberg
Amy Poehler
as Fairchild Van Waldenberg
Jenna Fischer
as Katie Van Waldenberg
William Fichtner
as Darren MacElroy

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by backstabbing-vp-sales-nextopia 3 /10

A silly homoerotic story

It is too unbelievable and too lame. It is unfunny and like a cartoon that is on film. Exaggeration is OK when it is interesting not when it is a spoof that takes itself seriously.

Reviewed by jaziahjak 3 /10

Nothing against homosexual tales

It is just that this one was boring and stupid.

I am not interested in the characters and should not have watched or stuck it out. It figures and I should have known because it is about ice skating.

Reviewed by truettxzayvion 3 /10

Gay Positive Movie

Just not very funny unfortunately. The jokes and occurrences were stupid.

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