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There's nothing more tightly-knit than a small town footy club. So when a scandal blows apart the Torquay Tigers, lives are thrown into chaos. After ten years away, one-time Torquay legend Tom Dunn (Ackland) returns to face his demons and pull the club back together. To reunite their team and rebuild their lives Tom and his mates will have to dig deep, face up to past mistakes and rekindle their love of football. After everything is done and dusted, it's not about giving your best, it's about doing your best.


Richard Gray

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Reviewed by trinitymichaela 2 /10

Blinder - A terrible movie

I am really shocked to read all of the good reviews of this movie. I thought it was terrible; it was badly over-acted and the storyline was unrealistic. Anyone who knows anything about football must realize that the main characters dreams of being drafted after getting a few tackles while playing in the Bellarine league is ridiculous.

The movie is about rape yet the word isn't mentioned once and the "villain" in the movie is the girl who was raped because she sent photos to a newspaper. Bad acting, bad storyline and a terrible representation of Australian culture. I gave it two out of ten because the girl who played the rape victim was the only shining light. Do yourself a favor and skip this film.

Reviewed by butchpdx 6 /10

Blinder - excellent movie for date night and discussion

Being an American in Australia, I'm an outsider to footy culture and was a little apprehensive about going to see Blinder. That being said... I really enjoyed the film and would strongly recommend going to see it.

It has something for everyone. My wife loved it and she normally isn't a big fan of sports films!

The story isn't your typical team overcomes adversity to win a championship. It deals with complex issues that everyone faces in their lives. The characters have depth are genuine in a way that just about anyone can relate to them.

My wife and I discussed the film for hours after first seeing it as it brought to light many issues prevalent in sports relating to binge partying and the impact bad decisions can have on the rest of your life. It hit home in a big way...

It also doesn't that the scenery and actors are beautiful.

Reviewed by face-819-933726 8 /10

Slow start, and a very adult topic, but a good movie working it together.

Slow to start, and most of the first half of this movie really feels like you would have to be an Australian Ex-patriot in their mid thirties, or forties to really appreciate it, but this is a good movie that has real heart, and a good cast. All that said I am no fan of Aussie rules footie, but the NFL holds no place in my heart either so meh. The movie is just like any ordinary middle American sports movie/ coming of age film, but it is all centered around the main pot twist, and foul deed that muddied the lives of all of these people years earlier. I have never understood the idea of having a home to "go back" to personally as I traveled a lot as a kid, so the whole you can't go home again thing never makes sense to me because in the end in every story that tries to prove that to be true people end up at home no matter where they are right? There is a dirty secret that is blaringly obvious from the start, but it is well told, and all of the build up to the re reveal is eventually worth it so I would say watch it if you want an afternoon movie, but this one will put you to sleep if you are up late, and tired, so avoid wasting your time if that is the case. I Enjoyed it, and recommend it for the most part, so you can take it from there. There is just something so creepy about Angus Sampson though but in that can't look away way.

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