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Bloody Homecoming


Action / Horror



Three years after a tragic accident leaves a student dead at the annual Homecoming dance, a group of senior friends anxious about the return of Homecoming Night to their sleepy Southern town find themselves visited by a deadly presence from their past in the dark and desolate halls of their very own high school.


Brian C. Weed

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Reviewed by stemal-1 2 /10

Kim Newman, I trusted you!

In the UK, and probably further afield, Kim Newman is known as an expert on the horror/slasher genre. His book 'Nightmare Movies' is a classic. And his video dungeon column in Empire magazine has pointed me in the direction of many films I would have missed. I trust his judgement implicitly.

Unfortunately this month he (sort of) praised this film, although admittedly it was in comparison to another. Sorry Kim, but I didn't get the point of this film at all.

It was played straight, it wasn't a parody of 80s slashers although it freely stole the clichés of movies of the era, it didn't have any twist on the subject, so why would anyone want to see a bad 80s film made in 2012?

There has been a defence of this film on the basis that the victims were sympathetic and not a**holes you want to see killed. But when the acting is this bad, every character in it lived way too long for my liking.

Decent whodunnit? I don't think so. You'll know early on, even though a proper whodunnit requires at least enough clues to make an educated guess.

I'm giving it 2/10 only because I can never give a 1.

Reviewed by jasonlecter 1 /10

last time I listen to a review from bloody-disgusting

I heard about this one but didn't even think about watching it as it looked like another cheaply made wanna-be slasher film, that is until I read the review from bloody disgusting. BIG MISTAKE. last time I ever watch something recommended by Patrick Cooper. Every single character in this film is unlikable. The villain looks ridiculous. The writing is awful. So many cheesy lines(Not the ones that make you laugh). And the worst thing are the effects. they look like they were made by someone who watching a couple of videos on youtube and thought he could do this. All the kills are almost the same. AVOID THIS ONE. waste of time and money.

Reviewed by Coventry 5 /10

The 80's called... They want their clichés back!

During the annual homecoming dance, the students' most anticipated night of the year, an irritating jock gets trapped in a classroom following a banal incident and burns to death when a fire breaks out. Three years later, all of his friends that were involved that night are savagely knocked off by a killer in a fireman outfit and mask. Hey now, wait a minute… Where have I seen this before? Oh I remember! This exact same plot already formed the basis of pretty much every 80's slasher ever made! But hey, I'm not complaining, especially not since I'm always nagging that they don't make any more horror movies like they used to in the eighties. "Bloody Homecoming" features all the yummy ingredients of a good old-fashioned 80's slasher-stew. Apart from the textbook plot synopsis, there's also the ensemble cast of stereotypes (nerd, joker, popular prom queen and the perverted principal), gratuitous nudity provided by girls in the shower that are otherwise irrelevant to the plot, a variety of nasty killings through sharp objects and a denouement (as in: the revelation of the killer's identity) that is totally absurd and far-fetched. And yet, there are a few important elements that are missing in order to make "Bloody Homecoming" a truly successful and recommendable slasher throwback. For some reason, director Brian C. Weed does not manage to truly capture that irresistible 80's vibe or light-headed atmosphere. There are too many boring sequences and uninteresting dialogs, and personally I was hoping for a bit more sleaze and sickness. What is the matter with all these politically correct horror movies nowadays? Either way, I appreciate the effort and at least the director didn't choose for the easier option and simply remake a classic, like the people behind "Prom Night", "My Bloody Valentine" and "Black Christmas" did.

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