Following the death of her father in a terrible accident, sweet, yet troubled Jennifer and her friends decide to check out her dad's cabin that's located in the deep woods of Boggy Creek, Texas. While staying at said cabin for a week, Jennifer and company run afoul of an evil and vicious monster of local legend that kills men and abducts women.


Brian T. Jaynes


Texas Battle
as Tommy Davis
Melissa Carnell
as Jennifer Dupree
Stephanie Honoré
as Brooke Tyler
Damon Lipari
as Dave Marshall
Shavon Kirksey
as Maya Jones
Cody Callahan
as Casey Guthrie
Sarah Jenazian
as Brittany Sinclair

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviebuff_09 5 /10

Good start but with a lackluster end

So I had looked forward to this movie since I heard that it was being made, filming was at the lake that I spent most of my childhood. The acting was actually a lot better than many mainstream teen horror films and for that I say Kudos! But it seemed to me that the closer we got to the end of the film it seemed that the director and crew felt the need to hurry up and finish the movie, ending in a disappointing end with many unanswered questions. This being a inexpensively made movie I don't see a sequel being made. So when watching you need to take the film for what it is, a pretty good movie for the first 45 minutes and then followed by a less than desirable ending with many holes in the plot. This would have easily been a really good independent film had the story line been tweaked just a hair. So I say if you can find it for cheap get and watch it but don't go out of your way to get a copy of it.

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal N/A

Melodrama 1, horror 0

So, once again a bunch of teenagers goes to a lonely blockhouse in the forest, not scared by rumors that many people disappeared in this area or were even found dead. Then Bigfoot appears to terrify and kill them one by one. Sounds like the same old song, but 'Boggy Creek' differs somewhat from other movies of this type. Usually, cheap horror flicks disappoint on the acting and cinematography, but deliver the slashing and the blood. With 'Boggy Creek', it is just the other way around. Acting is decent, no horrible cliché types like the nerd with glasses. The characters are well developed with more background story than usual. The picture is not looking as cheap as it probably was; good job in all technical departments. The creatures are designed as hairy and ugly as they should be. The DOP used 'long' lenses to achieve blurred backgrounds a lot which is helping the eerie atmosphere, the editing is pretty fast and rhythmic in the right places, also the music is tasty and fits the environment. Obviously there were people at work who understood something about cinema techniques.

But unfortunately, they forgot about the horror along the way. The movie never really gets to a climax, and the few killings there are lack enthusiasm, like 'let's get it over with quickly'. All in all, it feels like somebody who was a melodrama expert was unwillingly assigned to do a horror picture, so the result is looking great for the budget, but lacks any impact. The characters become interesting, and then they don't do much. It's a pity, because the beginning was promising.

Reviewed by jcs_vh1 4 /10

It was.....very average

This movie looked like it had so much going for it,but sadly it fails at almost everything.first off nothing happens for the first hour and five minutes.there were maybe four kills in that time,three of which where off-screen.during that time all we get is a bunch of kids wondering around the swamp doing nothing.the acting was pretty bad,there's so many times throughout the movie where the kids overact things and turn a scene thats suppose to be heart wrenching into a soap opera.another thing is you would think since this is a b movie about college kids getting killed by Bigfoot,that there would be tons of nudity,but sadly there is none and its not that there wasn't any nudity,its the fact that there was about five scenes where a chick gets topless but all you see is her back.if your not gonna have nudity,don't have chicks get naked to tease us.the one good thing about this movie is the effects.the Bigfoot makeup looked good and there were a few good looking kills and now the was just so abrupt and there were so many scenes that were meant to be scary,but the acting made them funny as is just a brief summary of some of the things that were wrong with it... SPOILERS!!

-first,we spend an entire hour getting to now these kids,but they all get killed off in twenty minutes or less. -Theres a scene were the last two girls are in their tent and Bigfoot is right outside their tent and one of them whispers to the other "if you ignore it,it will go away". -one of the girls just collapses and the other has to carry her down a hill -the last girl runs right into the arms of a man with a gun,but what does she do?..she runs away from him and deeper into the swamp -she makes it to a highway,but instead of running full speed for it,she just stands there and then collapses when she sees Bigfoot.

Over all this was a pretty bad movie,that could have been so much better

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