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Born to Race: Fast Track


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Danny Krueger is a twenty-year old street racer who plays by his own rules. After winning a scholarship to the prestigious Fast Lane Racing Academy, Danny finds himself competing against some of the fiercest young drivers in the world. Tension soars on and off the track, and a terrible incident leaves Danny without a racing partner. Facing dismissal from the academy, Danny is forced to team up with an old rival. The pair must learn to set aside their differences as they vie for rookie spots on a professional racing team.


Alex Ranarivelo

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Reviewed by bluesfan2713 3 /10

Would have been better with the original actors...

I discovered the first Born to Race on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised for being a low budget film. Even though the plot was a little predictable, it still came off to be an entertaining independent film. This sequel however, was a huge let down. The only actor who returned for the second movie is the girl who plays Jessica. And the new Danny and Jake do not have the same on-screen tension as the actors in the first movie. It's almost as if you can tell that these two are friends in real life which totally takes away from what is supposed to be an old rivalry. The plot was somewhat boring as I struggled to pay attention all the way through. I give it a 3 and that's being generous.

Reviewed by drax-844-424482 5 /10

OK, but disappointed

First let me say that I liked first part very much (I rated it 10).

Now this part, movie is low budget (as previous one) so I didn't expected too much in term of acting and effects. However, I expected same actors and when I saw that they changed all but Jessica (and guy that sponsored Danny at the begging of first part before he crashed car) I felt very disappointed. It looks like whole another movie to me.

Second thing I didn't liked is story, it is somewhat predictable scenario (Danny find opponent like Jake, races with him... you see already where is going) so it could be better and sometimes (especially at beginning) racing takes too long and boring (nothing happens, just camera moving from one driver to another).

Except those things, movie is not really bad. I would recommend to pick it if you don't know what else to watch.

Reviewed by ridsley 1 /10

Sheer rubbish!

The best part of this movie is the end credits - at least they are short! The acting is secondary school, music is juvenile, the camera work is poor throughout especially the in car shots - they just reinforce that the 'driving action' is not believable. If that is not enough for you then to top it all off the plot line is so dumb 'predictable' would be over complimentary. The basic idea of this movie is kinda 'Top Gun' for cars, but is really a story for those who know nothing about cars and car racing, live in a hick country town and maybe one day dream of owning a Toyota Celica or Subaru WRX. If you are 12-13 years old you might like this movie otherwise avoid it.

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