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Action / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller



The film starts with documentary-style flashbacks showing Misha's rise to a powerful marketing executive. Now in Moscow 2017, Misha is a powerful marketing executive working to spread Western brands, and like the businesses he works for nothing will stop him in his greed, until the imprisonment and death of an overweight girl undergoing extensive plastic surgery to become skinny. Following a vision in which Misha sacrifices a heifer to God, he begins to receive strange visions depicting the brands control over people. He returns to work and guided by these visions, Misha attempts to stop the growth of the brands in post-Communist Russia by encouraging the brand to attack each other in their advertising campaigns. There is some debate whether Misha believes that the worship of global brands is Idolatry and his visions depicting the brands are controlling people causing them to sin, or whether his belief is that monopoly is evil and his intention is to create a Western style free-market...


Jamie Bradshaw


Ed Stoppard
as Misha Galkin
Leelee Sobieski
as Abby Gibbons
Jeffrey Tambor
as Bob Gibbons
Max von Sydow
as Marketing Guru
John Laskowski
as Fast Food Executive

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JackHoffe 10 /10

Hmm, why all the bad reviews? This is a rare story told well and should be appreciated as such

It seems that a lot of people are threatened by simple truths in this film. Fat people don't want to be told that their food choices are being influenced by advertising. The negative ratings come from the mirror held in front of the faces of the audience, the negativity is a reflection of the shame of being overweight or the reflection of their own brands that they are wearing and the value they put in them.

This is an original film that doesn't fit the current Hollywood blockbuster mold, but rather it requires self-examination of what influences human choices.

There are a lot of word salad reviews on this movie already, no need for another. Go in with no expectations, come out with a cleaner view of the world and start to understand why you're craving your McDonalds/Coke/Idevice.

Check it out and be pleasantly rewarded - unless your own reflection reflects something too unpleasant to accept....

Reviewed by urthpainter 7 /10

Jean-Paul Sartre, Beckett would be proud

Somewhere at the far edges of the absurd, the profound can be found. This movie can be enjoyed strictly as a comedy, it can be taken seriously by a few, but most should know this film reaches further than it could ever truly grasp. Branded is flawed, fun, and perhaps best enjoyed in an extremely tired, alternative state of mind.

A few reviews and reviewers note that this film does not live up to its own advertising. There is irony there, but what does live up to advertising? Advertising is amongst the biggest waist of resources in contemporary society. Not just in terms of illusory currency, but the waist of many of todays greatest artists, thinkers, and idea makers; professionals payed to spin lies and manipulate participants of mass media consumption.

Branded may only scratch the surface of many important current problems caused by modern media, but at least its creators and performers put themselves "out there" to ask some interesting questions. May more artists ask important questions, and help move us all to a better place.

Reviewed by rds_1 10 /10

Advertising is out of control.

I didn't expect much of the movie, seemed like one of those film festival pieces of crap. But it really wasn't. Yes there is a certain amount of artsy-fartsy stuff put in there but that fits quite nicely.

I actually watched the whole movie. To me that says something. These days most of what's new isn't or great concepts are horribly executed (and Hollywood is only remaking stuff lately). Because of that I often find myself trying to do something else while the movie is still going. That didn't happen this time.

I also kinda hope this movie serves as a bit of an eyeopener, there are places where advertising is actually banned or at least from public places mainly the streets. Makes you feel peaceful being or even seeing such a place especially if you are used to be bombarded with all sorts of advertisements all day and everywhere.

BTW: I didn't even have subs for the Russian parts, still very watchable. BTW: Leelee Sobieski, doesn't she look a lot look Helen Hunt (but younger)!?

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