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Burning Man


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Sarah Keaton has just passed away following a difficult bout of cancer. She is survived by among others her loving executive chef/restaurateur husband, Tom Keaton, and their eight year old son, Oscar Keaton. The end of the Keatons' marriage was difficult not only because of the cancer itself, but also because they had divergently different views on treatment, and because her early prognosis was positive leading to both not treating the news of her imminent death well. Tom copes recklessly, irresponsibly and angrily in his grief, manifested by among other things indiscriminate casual sex with a multitude of partners. Also negatively affected by Tom's actions is Sarah's sister, Karen, who feels she needs to be the responsible one, especially as Oscar is often a casualty of Tom's irresponsibility. Many of the Keatons' friends and colleagues try to be there for Tom in any way they can, including Miriam, a therapist who is more a friend of a friend. Tom may have to go through much pain ...


Jonathan Teplitzky

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 /10

getting tired of temporal roulette

Tom Keaton (Matthew Goode) is struggling with a mess of sexual encounters with various women after the death of his wife Sarah. He is estranged from his son Oscar. He's a top chef in a chic restaurant.

The acting is good here. The reason for his dysfunction is compelling. However, many movies nowadays think they need the added tension of shredding the time line. They think they need to confuse the viewers so they have the added tension of trying to figure out the storyline. Instead, they should have the confidence in the story to allow it to unfold. Sure flashbacks may be preferable to a strictly linear time line but there's no need to put the film thru a blender.

Reviewed by webmaster-3017 7 /10

HK Neo Reviews: Burning Man

Burning Man is a different film that goes the route not taken. It is works in the same manner of films similar to Memento. It requires the audience to invest into the film and with the effect of constantly solving a complicated life puzzle. It is an unique experience that will stay in your memory for a good while. It is a essentially at its core a film about dealing with loss, moving on, grieve, the love of your life, cancer and the aftermath of a tragedy. It is what you call a smart film that let the audience work it out for themselves. The film also constantly uses sex as a symbol, motif, and metaphor and to depict the passion with the relationships. Shot in the backdrop of Bondi Beach in Sydney, the location is almost unrecognisable and the cinematography is mostly excellent. Although the film is shot and edited in a creative manner, meaning that nothing happens coherent and the director is clearly playing with time and memory, it is exactly this aspect that the film fails to connect with the audience and ultimately feel for the characters deep involved in their respective situations. Still, for an Australian film, these is an admirable effort and along with a wonderful yet conflicted performance from British import Matthew Goode and the screen stealing beauty in Bojana Novakovic. Although I have not since any of director Jonathan Teplitzky's previous works, with Burning Man, one can only say that this man is filled with potential.

All in all, The Burning Man is not a film for everyone; it can be am torture to sit through and also rewarding at the same time. In essence it is very much an independent film, but for what it is worth, The Burning Man is a fine effort and deserves some much needed credit for the Australian Film Industry…

Neo rates it 7/10

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Reviewed by bonzybino 7 /10

burning drama!

"Burning Man" is one movie which can be tagged under Art-house. Stories about grieving men ain't that novel nowadays, yet Burning Man slaps at the very thought of giving us yet another clichéd piece, this one with all its brilliance is indeed refreshing a watch for the story it deals with.

The drama which unfolds in reverse chronological order - just like in "memento" - goes deep into the lives of the characters, all shown so roughly with incoherent fragments from the story that we feel like watching digged out incidents from the protagonist's memory. It did irk me at first, and i really had to be patient to get the hang of it. Its awfully slow at times that you would start hating it or, the worse, might stop watching it just like my cousin :D - I hate to stall in between. After I finished watching the movie, was amazed by the simplicity of the plot, which was fed to the viewer in a rather unconventional but powerful manner.

The pain the characters go through was brilliantly acted and shot. With some absorbing performances - my first Mathew Goode movie and am already a fan - amazing locale and soulful background score, this drama easily gets into my top Art-House Movies list - stressing on the term "Art house", for it might not be enjoyable outing for all. A good watch for serious movie buffs. 7/10

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