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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam


Action / Comedy / Family / Music / Musical / Romance



Mitchie can't wait to return to camp rock so that she and love-interest Shane can spend the summer making music and having fun with their friends and band mates. But when a rival camp, Camp Star, run by famous music producer Axel Turner opens across the lake, it causes many Camp Rock campers and counselors to ditch Camp Rock and join Camp Star. Mitchie finds herself too busy running the camp and preparing for the "Camp Wars" to have much fun, but Shane and friends help her open up and look on the bright side of summer. The Camp Rock gang spends the summer preparing for the dramatic battle of the bands; while still maintaining to have fun.


Paul Hoen


Demi Lovato
as Mitchie Torres
Alyson Stoner
as Caitlyn Geller
Joe Jonas
as Shane Gray
Nick Jonas
as Nate Gray
Kevin Jonas
as Jason Gray
Chloe Bridges
as Dana Turner

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisafordeay 5 /10

An OK movie

I saw this on Disney Channel on September 17th and was looking forward to seeing it. A sequel to the 1st one its about Camp Rock who are up against another camp called Camp Star of course the two clash together and they dance and sing to see who is the best. Demi Lovato was great in this as well as the jonas brothers who one in particular drives me nuts as he is so annoying.

The music was great,the cast was alright,the duration was OK and the dialouge was OK.

I like one song in particular Its on which is a great song as well as the duet between Demi & Joe.

For the acting i'll give it a 5/10 For the story a 7/10 For the whole thing a 5/10 Not Oscar worthy but its alright.

Reviewed by meclaudius-851-522520 8 /10

It's all about the music

Having children has turned me on to bubble-gum pop, and it doesn't get much tastier than Camp Rock 2. The songs are catchy, but there's real emotion behind the writing and execution, more than there needed to be, and certainly more than the air-headed High School Musical films. When Demi Lovato sings "Can't Back Down," there's a certain gravity and toughness to the performance, and the song rocks like a boxing training montage. The background dancer's moves are somewhere between martial arts and sign language, and are executed with chilling precision. In contrast, "It's On" bounces with youthful energy, although I admit to being puzzled when putting the captions on ("let me see how you bob" will haunt me for months to come). The Camp Star numbers are all Vegas and Cirque glitz, and newcomer Mdot Finley owns the stage like an R&B Bono. The bittersweet "This Is Our Song," sung as the campers gather around a fire and uncertain of the fate of a place they've grown to love, turns defeat into victory by the sheer joy of singing in unison, of harmonizing with people you've bonded with. Do I take this stuff too seriously? Undoubtedly I do, but put that down to the genius of the songwriters and the likable performers Disney has under their wing. Well done.

Reviewed by AngieeeBabayy 1 /10

Really, REALLY bad..

My best friend and I liked the original camp rock- but this one was just bad. However- it's as good as any Disney channel movie sequel as it oozes with cheesiness. Let me put it this way- I was staring at the television and I couldn't pay attention. It just was boring, and just overall- odd. There really was no climax- and if there was- it was only two minutes long. So in the end, you'll like it if you're under 13. You probably won't like it if you're any older.

Even though the original Camp Rock was weak with it's story, it still maintained the entertainment factor. This one, just didn't provide that. I felt like I was watching a mixture of High School Musical 2 mixed with that new Jonas show and Camp Rock. That combination just didn't work.

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