Careful What You Wish For (2015) torrent download

Careful What You Wish For


Action / Drama / Thriller



A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.


Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum


Nick Jonas
as Doug Martin
Isabel Lucas
as Lena Harper
Dermot Mulroney
as Eliott Harper
Kandyse McClure
as Angie Alvarez

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jegpad 5 /10

A tweaked copy of 'Body Heat' made for teenagers, watch the original to see how the grown-ups do it

If you're a boy teenager with a hard-on, go for it - enjoy the shower scene, especially.

If you're a juvenile looking for mild mental stimulation with one eye on another screen, it's passable.

If you're as old as I am then you'll quickly suss this is a regurgitated plot based on the classic film 'Body Heat' (1981) with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. I continued watching just to see how close to the wind they sailed. And yep, I suggest you cut your losses and immerse yourself in the original.

Plus ça change ...

Reviewed by prospectus_capricornium 4 /10

Boring and Unsatisfying. Could Have Been Interesting With Capable Actors

First, let me tell you that wishing for this movie to be good will be of no avail. There's no reason in hoping for a satisfying thriller like this one seems to claim, because doing so will only lead to a massive letdown.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR's biggest flaw is neither its premise nor its narrative. There's a lot to negatively comment about those two areas, but they're still much more tolerable than the movie's horrible casting. None of the actors are able to serve the requirements of their roles, and while their characters hold promise of being interesting, none of the performers could actually pull them excellently, even to a tolerable level. Their dialogues and the overly familiar plot, are partly to blame, but it so difficult to jump to that part when the first thing that can be noticed is the horrible designation of the actors to roles utterly unsuited for them. There's this evil psychopath named Elliot who never really brings as much threat as he is required. Letting Isabel Lucas play a role that doesn't fit her age is perhaps the biggest mistake in the casting. Even with her capacity fully stretched, Lucas is never able to get halfway meeting all the demands of her character. Her character, Lena, is supposed to be a devious and cunning femme fatale, Isabel Lucas is plain boring. Almost the same can be said with Nick Jonas, although it's really hard to say his role's totally garbage, when almost half the time he's confused and waiting for a good line to throw. If it's any consolation, there's a lot of skin shown here, and I'm pretty sure Nick's fans as well as Isabel's will be pleased. Other than that, there's really nothing to expect.

It is really difficult to follow the narrative's flow when all that worries you is whether the characters are still going to be something interesting or not. The plot isn't new either, and it still could have been interesting, if the characters are played the way they're supposed to be. These flaws accrue to an overall feeling that is neither good nor okay, much less satisfying. Albeit cliché, CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR could have been an enjoyable experience. There is so much to mine in its premise, but its terrible casting paralyzes the movie and made itself incapable of digging such potential. The result is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction.

Reviewed by lavatch N/A

Average Action Picture

"Careful What You Wish For" is a fairly well-crafted thriller in the tradition of such neo-noir classics as "Body Heat." Unfortunately, the film was slow-moving, and there was not much chemistry between the two lead performers.

Both Nick Jonas and Isabel Lucas were good in their roles of Doug and Lena. But the adulterous relationship that was at the heart of the film was never very credible, let alone sizzling. The Kathleen Turner-William Hurt relationship in "Body Heat" is a good barometer for the best in this style of filmmaking.

The best part of this film was the ending sequence that focused on a complicated scam pulled off by the femme fatale character Lena. Paul Sorvino is good as the local cop who recognizes the innocence of Doug.

But major loose ends abounded in the film, including the climactic scene in the Pines Motel. How did Doug know to go to that site for the incriminating evidence against Lena? How could Lena and her friend possibly escape from the authorities? And also, did Doug ever get to Columbia University, where had been accepted as a student? The viewer needed a better wrap-up in this average action pic.

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