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Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller



The divorced Lorraine Burton is an insecure woman that raises her seven year-old son Chad alone and without money. Her ex-husband Gary is a former military that went in court martial and presses Lorraine to take Chad for him. One day, Lorraine stops her car in a gas station after her therapy to buy frozen pizzas for Chad and her. When she returns, the bank robber Roy carjacks them and heads to Tijuana, Mexico with Lorraine and Chad. Along their journey, Lorraine tries to protect Chad from the psychopath Roy.


John Bonito


Maria Bello
as Lorraine Burton
Catherine Dent
as Therapist
Kristen Kerr
as Young Mother

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by infestorOfSouls N/A

One big "Meh"

I generally like kidnapping films. Especially the ones that include lots of gas stations. Despite the good acting by Dorf and Bello the plot is too stale. In addition add the lack of tension you really get a "meh" film in your hands. Also, the film was going well realistic until the 30th minute but they had to put that lame "twist" at the end and arm Bello with a shotgun. Puh-lease! All in all, this film could have been something much more riveting with this cast. However, no matter the quality of your cast; if you fail to write a decent scenario you are condemned to fail.

Reviewed by deirdre-209-643722 2 /10

Acting and Ending Issues too much to swallow

Though I love her in Prime Suspect, Maria's portrayal of Lorraine was much too annoying and felt very forced and unnatural, so I never developed much sympathy for her and never really liked her. Dorf did a good job with the material he had, though. I believed his character completely. The movie keeps your interest enough to keep going to the end. Alas, the ending was bad icing finishing off a somewhat too bland cake *ugh* You feel like you are missing the real ending and they just cut right to a "twist" that the producers really felt was the highlight of the film ... but really isn't. If Lorraine had been written and developed differently, perhaps I would have felt more satisfied and enjoyed the end twist as much as the filmmakers did ;)

Reviewed by RokurotaMakabe N/A


There is a reason why some films get a direct to video release. As it is the case here with "Carjacked", this is the kind of film that was destined to fall into mediocrity. It seems that the people behind it never believed that they could come up with something good so they didn't care that much about the final result.

I really wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking with this movie, but I still felt disappointed after seeing it. Not only that the film doesn't bring anything new, but it also incorporates some of the most annoying elements present in kidnapping movies. For an instance, the two main characters are incredibly generic. They really could have been taken out from any similar movie and put in here. On top of that you get the usual clichés of the genre and there are also some cheap thrills along the way to provide the entertainment. The film lacks suspense and can be very predictable at times not to mention the fact that some of the decisions that the characters took along the way really defied logic. Also, the directing really felt amateurish at times, especially towards the end of the movie.

Stephen Dorff is a really good actor and so is Maria Bello, but they alone cannot save this movie. Here, the script and direction doesn't allow them to put their acting skills to good use and the final result doesn't do them justice. They manage to bring some depth into their characters, but overall this is a waste of their acting talents.

In the end, "Carjacked" is not a completely bad film, but it suffers from a lack of originality and some bad directing. A below average film that should be watched with diminished expectations.

My rating: 4,5/10

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