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High School Musical 3


Comedy / Drama / Family / Music / Musical / Romance



Troy and the gang of East High School are going through their senior year, facing graduating and going their separate ways. Coming to terms with the reality of it all, Troy wants to attend the nearby University of Albuquerque next year on a basketball scholarship, but Gabriella wants to attend Stanford University in California. Meanwhile, Sharpay, the school's shallow and spoiled rich girl, plots to go all out planning the school's final musical show with the idea to add music to her hopes and fears about the future. While Sharpay takes an up-and-coming British exchange student under her wing, her flamboyant fraternal twin brother, Ryan, has his sights set on something different after school. In addition, Troy's best friend and basketball teammate Chad, and Garbiella's best friend Taylor, all have their sights set on their plans after high school and come to terms with the reality of the real world.


Kenny Ortega


Zac Efron
as Troy Bolton
Vanessa Hudgens
as Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale
as Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel
as Ryan Evans
Corbin Bleu
as Chad Danforth
Monique Coleman
as Taylor McKessie
Olesya Rulin
as Kelsi Nielson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingston-jack77 10 /10


now i liked the first one disliked the second one and loved the third one. this was much better than the first two. the film was a real musical. the film had a amazing beginning sequence. the film was way more dramatic than the first two. the film was spectacular to see in theaters. it was a real treat. it had better music sequences and songs like: the boys are back, may i have this dance, right here right now, i want it all, high school musical,and a night to remember. the film had a really good moral and plot. i loved this film. the good bie song "high school musical," was a good song. the main word were "high school musical, who says we have to let it go. high school musical celebrate were we come from." the film deserved the 10 out of 10 i gave it. it is also completely kid appropriate.

Reviewed by pineapple_lollies 9 /10

Perfect ending.

The lights dimmed and the children became quiet. With a theatre packed with children aged under 10 years of age i could sense the excitement as the much long awaited High School Musical 3: Senior Year was about to come on screen.

The screen lit up and there it was. The face of Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) sweating from ear to ear. The movie had begun. I squealed like a two year old when i first saw his face. Believe it or not but i had been waiting several months for this movie to come out. The night before i had hardly slept as i was just too excited.

In all honesty, this movie blew me away. It really took my expectations out of the water. For a cinema release the actors had to step it up so much more from the first and second movies and they did exactly that.

Each dance number had amazing choreography and lots of glitz and glamour. The story was beautiful and in some parts it almost had me in tears.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year was nothing but an amazing entertaining and fun loving film for the children and even teenagers to love. It was not made to win any Oscars or make history, it was made to entertain and it just did that. I don't understand the people who criticize this movie. It may not be something you're going to enjoy but sure as hell the little one's are going to love it.

People say it's unrealistic, that no high school is this perfect. Which is true but why criticize this movie for stepping out of the boundaries and letting people's imaginations run wild for a couple of hours. The story was touching, the songs were beautiful and the actors really tried their hardest and as the words High School Musical came down and the six main characters jumped in the air for the last few seconds of the final song and movie i couldn't help but wipe a tear from my face.

A perfect ending to the High School Musical trilogy and i thank them for bringing something new in to the lives of younger children for the first time in a long time. High School Musical 3: Senior Year had me wishing that my life could feel just like a musical.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 6 /10

Oh, god, I can't believe I'm saying this... I actually had fun... did I just really write that? Maybe I should make a doctor's appointment

OK, I work at a movie theater and the main thing we've been waiting for is High School Musical 3: Senior Year, we knew it was going to be big, so a few co-workers and I got together for the matinée before all the kids rushed in, it was still packed surprisingly. But I've seen both previous films because my little cousin is just in love with all that pre-teen hoop-la, it's all good, every generation has something so lovey-dovey-cutesee-wootsee type of thing. But one of the things that made this film enjoyable was to see all the kids who were just participating with this film, I mean, I felt like I was in a concert, the kids were clapping with the songs, screaming for their idols, and just having fun, it was cool to see their reactions, to remember a more innocent time of being in love that much with something. But I felt like this was just a cute movie that is getting too much criticism just because it is High School Musical, give it a break and take it for what it is.

The gang is back for their senior year and everything is just perfect, they came up with a great idea for a musical to represent all that they're going through in this exciting year. But there is also a lot of pressure: Zack is facing a tough decision of which college to go to while Gabriella is planning on going to Yale University so far away from him, Sharpay and her brother, Ryan, are competing for a scholarship to Juliard, and Chad and Taylor are learning what to do with the rest of their lives while loosing their best friends to different schools.

Granted High School Musical is never Oscar material, in fact, it's downright like having a soda after school with the hot quarterback or sexy cheerleader, but like I said, it's for the kids. Seeing their reactions to this reminded me and my co-workers of a more innocent time, when I had the same excitement to see Spice World when I was 12 years old. We all had these silly things we loved at a young age and for some reason we become more cynical as we get older criticizing everything that the new generation has, so I'm cutting this movie some slack. It had fun songs, cute characters, silly situations, but great dance numbers and is just over all a nice film for the family. I do recommend it just for the fun of being with the fans and just having a good time, no matter how cheesy it is.


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