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Class of 1984


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



There's something strange going on at the graffiti-covered Lincoln High, as teachers are carrying loaded guns, and the students have to walk through a metal detector before they enter the classroom. Before long, the school's new music teacher, Andrew Norris, will learn firsthand that it's even worse than it looks, as the drug-plagued institution is the territory of the charismatic Peter Stegman and his brutal gang of crazed followers. Now, under those dire circumstances, it's only a matter of time before the professor and the pupil lock horns, with unforeseen consequences. But, do drastic times call for drastic measures? In the end, is there a cure for violence?


Mark L. Lester


Perry King
as Andrew Norris
Timothy Van Patten
as Peter Stegman
Roddy McDowall
as Terry Corrigan
Merrie Lynn Ross
as Diane Norris
Stefan Arngrim
as Drugstore
Keith Knight
as Barnyard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Infofreak N/A

An Eighties exploitation classic. Stupid yes, but impossible not to enjoy!

The 1980s were a bit of a let down after the 1970s for exploitation fans, but there were a few gems released alongside the 'Risky Business's and 'Mr.Mom's. 'Chained Heat' and 'The Exterminator' immediately spring to mind, and 'Class Of 1984' is another. This movie has got it all - a cheesy theme sung by Alice Cooper, a high school terrorized by drug dealing punks, a classic sequence where a square student, high on something or other, decides to salute the flag... at the top of the flagpole... plus a bit with rabbits which I won't spoil. TV regular Perry King, no stranger to exploitation movies (see 'Mandingo'), plays a new and idealistic music teacher. He is befriended by another teacher, the cynical secret drinker Roddy McDowall ('Planet Of The Apes'), who tries to wise him up. Future 'Sopranos' writer/director Timothy Van Patten plays Stegman who sells drugs to his classmates, and leads a ruthless gang of hoods. When King tries to break Stegman's hold on the school he enters into a world of pain. This is a silly but hugely entertaining pile of trash. Be sure to keep an eye out for Michael J. Fox in one of his earliest roles, as a horn playing dweeb. Director Mark Lester eventually made a sequel in name only 'Class Of 1999', but it was disappointing and silly sci fi nonsense about robot teachers. I can't recommend that one but 'Class Of 1984' is classic beer'n'pizza material that will be enjoyed by any fans of nasty b-grade exploitation.

Reviewed by SWANKSTAR2000 9 /10

maybe my favorite b-grade film of all time...

wonderful and amusing punk rock version of the teen gang movie. when new teacher andy norris (perry king) arrives at lincoln high, he unwittingly pits himself against a gang of punks led by the legendary timothy van patton (who shocks the audience with a beautiful self-written piano solo). as norris continues to investigate the punks' behavior, he finds himself and his wife caught up in violent world of high school brutality. some of the best and worst moments in video history are caught within the action-packed 93 minutes. absolutely fantastic cult film, deserves many, many viewings...

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 /10

One of the greatest exploitation movies of all time

Rape, gory violence, great villains, a killer signature song from Alice Cooper ("I Am The Future"), and solid performances from genre vets such as Perry King ("Mandingo", "Search and Destroy") and Roddy McDowell equal one of the greatest exploitation films of all time. King starts work at a crime-ridden school and is targeted by a nasty gang led by the disturbed, spoiled, vicious, gifted youth Stegman (Timothy Van Patten). Not able to ignore the non-stop assaults and abuse of other teachers and students, King wages a nasty war with Stegman and his goons and, in the process, endangers both his own life and the life of his wife. Director Mark Lester, who was handed the "Commando" gig after the surprise international success of this pic, never made another movie as tight, violent and dramatically coherent. It is a textbook example of how to do exploitation right. In addition to the mean-spirited mayhem, there are other special treats such as a moving scene in which the arrogant Stegman sits at a piano and plays like a maestro in front of his stunned class and teacher. Actor Van Patten, who gives a believable, knock-out performance, actually composed and played the piece himself. Michael J. Fox plays a nerdy student ally of King's, and McDowell, always reliable, is great as a teaching veteran pummeled into submission by decades of classroom violence. The film carried a prophetic message back in the early 80's when it was made, and it's a message that is even more appropriate today in our politically correct times where teachers have no power to discipline students and students have every right at their disposal and know it. The film's climax is explosive and Lester never lets a gory opportunity pass him by. A classic in every sense.

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