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Daddy's Little Girl


Action / Horror / Thriller



In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it's the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest.


Chris Sun

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Reviewed by tdrish 7 /10

a story about a little vigilante justice

Sorry, did I say a little? This Australian horror movie delivers an emotional and disturbing punch, and that's putting it lightly. It spins a tale about a guy who finds out that his daughter had been kidnapped ( I told you to fix the window!) Things escalate when he gets the word that they have found his daughter. Unfortunately, they never said they found her alive. A sorry excuse for an investigation follows, which renders totally useless for months to come. Coming across a diary, the man learns a shocking discovery...he finds out who killed, and possibly molested, his daughter, and it has hit way too close to home. Finding out his own brother guilty, and finding out that he recorded other victims within his own diary, sends daddy into a frenzy, and he's taking matters into his own hands. None of it is pretty, none of it is for the squeamish or faint of heart. We're talking hardcore, barbaric, ruthless and emotionless pedophile torture. How much torture? I'd safely assume the last 50 minutes of the movie, almost nonstop torture, acts so bad they'd probably make Charles Manson cry, so you HAVE BEEN WARNED. Now, for the haters of this film, and their one or two star reviews, listen: They just don't see the point. The movie, from what I see, shares two characteristics in which I feel it is a movie that should have been made. Point 1...Hopefully, it serves as some sort of comfort to see a rapist clearly get what he deserves to anyone who has lost their child. Point 2...Hopefully, it serves as some sort of wake up call to anyone who has any intentions on harming a child. HARD CANDY got the same kind of bad reviews, probably for the same reason, they don't feel like scum like this deserves this kind of punishment. It will clearly be up to the viewer to decide for themselves who the monster really is. It's not a movie for everyone, and it's not a movie for those who are easily upset. I recommend, it could very well be the most anti-pedophile movie ever made.

Reviewed by camjohnston86 1 /10

Don't believe the hype

I became aware of this movie from a facebook campaign that required those on the fan page to come on IMDb and write favourable reviews... in saying that, it appears most of the 10 STAR reviews are simply friends of the cast and crew.

As an objective watcher I can tell you that the movie is worth watching, preferably with friends as the first hour is very very amusing. Firstly, the acting is laugh-out-loud cringe worthy; examples such as the facial expressions of some characters while talking on the phone or the 2 second pauses between character lines in dialogue made an episode of Home and Away look like "Schindler's List". Perhaps the two standouts were Billi Baker and Michael Thomson who did as best as they could in a world of awkward expositions and extras who are trying to edge their way in front of the lens as much as possible.

In looking at the technical side of the film, the editing could've used a lot more attention to detail. Issues such as the audio quality which is very poor and had an overshadowing score and ambient noises muffling out the dialogue in many scenes made it difficult to focus on what was being said. Also the final montage in the end credits moves too quickly to be appreciated.

The story itself is OK-ish but 2D characters, inexplicable outbursts, poor casting (the character of Derek's father looks the same age as Derek) story arcs that go no where (I mean what was with the cousin character??) and no real sense of the character's histories (it seems to be assumed knowledge for some reason) make it difficult for it to ever stand out next to other revenge genre flicks.

To summarise, this (much like "The Room") is on par with a very good highschool film & TV assignment with a higher budget, which has clearly gone ENTIRELY towards the special effects (which I admit were fantastic!), in watching it you will be reminded through every forced facial expression and line of dialogue that you are watching people act and will never be really absorbed in what's going on... so grab some friends and a pizza, have a laugh at the start, a cringe at the end and then put on your real movie for the night

2 Stars out of 10 - but don't just take my word for it, wait till the proper reviews start coming out

Reviewed by sketchy_j 1 /10

A Poor Film

I came across this film whilst filing through the 'Thriller' category in my Apple TV, searching for a well-constructed story that throws twists out every so often. AKA, a thriller. However, I was far off with such a choice. This movie from the beginning was let down by its actors. Each character, but in particular Derek (Michael Thomson) and his brother Tommy (Christian Radford) sounded as though they were simply speaking their lines straight off the script. Certain words that were incorporated in normal, everyday conversation between characters such as "Mate" were spoken flatly and held no depth behind it. The scene where the brothers are sitting on the beach and Derek is meaning to fire Tommy from his job seems fake, weakened by the actors' poor performances. And the scene really is an easy and relaxed segment which should not be ruined, and is through lack of effort, or so it seems.

The film goes on to allow Derek's mind to become unhinged through pure hatred for his brother Tommy, to the point where Derek seeks advice on torture methods. He retrieves the information he wants by having colloquial conversations with the dentist and a few other people. This in itself is quite honestly pathetic and completely illogical that the audience is expected to believe that when put into practice by an amateur who has no knowledge of the human body or anything of the like, they would work. An enraged man conducting torture methods to attack the correct body part and keep the victim awake, alive, but still feel the pain, please. In addition to this, the film moves quite quickly through his search for information, which strips the film of its credibility and hardcore depth which I believe it aims to achieve.

Another thing I'd like to touch on is: the fact that Derek acquires so much hatred for his brother after finding Tommy's diary to the point where he does not allow Tommy to explain himself whilst being tortured happened far too quickly, I believe. I do not think that torturing him was a clever twist, let alone depriving him of his ability to explain things. Finding the diary was too-weak a point of reference alone, and should have been accompanied by stronger evidence for Derek to launch into murderous, gruesome torture. Not to say that finding a second batch of evidence would have made for a justifiable answer to perform measured, well-thought-out torture on his brother.

Finally, I am struggling to understand how this film is still standing with a solid IMDb rating of 7.4, and that there are reviews that praise the great acting and film work of Daddy's Little Girl. I can say without hesitation or second thoughts that it is one of the worst films I have ever seen, and I strongly recommend avoiding it.

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