Haunted by horrific nightmares, Beverly seeks professional help to keep her sanity. She is desperate to find a way that will separate her nightmares from reality.


Nicole Lasala
as Beverly Wentworth
Jami Tennille
as Jennifer Foxcroft
John Trent
as Dr. Eric Fenton
Kevin O. Peterson
as Detective John Moore

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seangores 1 /10

Waste of time

Even from the beginning title scene, you KNOW there's something wrong with this movie: odd transitions, blurred images, and echoed voices. It's one thing that this was all intended; but it just DOESN'T WORK.

Now let's talk about the acting. The psychologist's daughter (Jamie), as well as the psychologist (Jennifer), it's obvious that this isn't acting at all; a more accurate term is "role playing". The acting is really that bad.

The sound is inconsistent at best. Peaking is a common occurrence in the movie, and it can be, at times, difficult to hear voices.

Camera work is very strange -- perhaps on purpose. Most shots are close-ups. Combined with the odd, fading transitions and blurry effects, you get the vibe that something's not right. Maybe that was intended, but it's definitely not what you might expect in a traditional movie.

Save yourself the disappointment of a wasted night, and don't watch this movie.

Reviewed by palcic 1 /10


I'm a very open-minded person. But, come on. My 9 year old kid makes better movies.

This is one of the two movies that came my way and that simply cannot be watched.

Don't download, don't seed and don't watch, that's my recommendation. The "creator" has somehow managed to get unrealistic ratings, and download sites misquote IMDb ratings of 6.1 and over. I assume the people who gave this "movie" good ratings are crew or family members! This is a kindergarten level for the script, acting, directing, filming, editing...

If anyone involved in this movie planned a career in this industry, they have said a bye-bye to it by participating in this "project".

I know that this is a harsh review, but I honestly don't think it even deserves any sort of rating. This is a bad quality home-movie project, and the public should not have had access to it.

Reviewed by norman-469-82462 8 /10

Creepy journey to a seedy side of therapy.

It is good to see great creative product from our New England filmmaker friends. Nice job. Very well shot and professionally acted. Impressive performances by John Trent and Nicole LaSala. Jami Tenille played a strong lead. Director Kevin DiBacco is someone to keep an eye on. Great cinematography with great lighting. Occasionally the audio suffers some unevenness which is a casualty of many indie films. But the story is engaging and those glitches are easily forgiven. Support the arts! Well worth seeing. Here is yet another example that delivering a good story and decent acting trumps needless special effects and crazy budgets. For three bucks you can't get a slice of pizza and a coke these days.

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