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Death Sentence


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



When a family falls victim to a vicious attack perpetrated as a gang initiation ritual, the vengeful father, Nick Hume, vows to track down each person involved in the crime. A sympathetic homicide detective questions her pledge to assist Hume after suspecting that he may have turned to murder as a means of exacting his revenge.


James Wan


Kevin Bacon
as Nick Hume
Garrett Hedlund
as Billy Darley
Kelly Preston
as Helen Hume
Jordan Garrett
as Lucas Hume
John Goodman
as Bones Darley
Aisha Tyler
as Detective Wallis
Stuart Lafferty
as Brendan Hume

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 9 /10

A very good revenge drama/thriller/action flick.

I first saw this film in 2008 on a DVD. I enjoyed it. The movie was very well made. Kevin Bacon gav an excellent performance as a father seeking revenge. The movie never slows down or gets boring. John Goodman also appears in a nice cameo role. Fans of Death Wish, The Brave One, Harry Brown, The Punisher, Law abiding citizen shud definitely check this out. I was most impressed by the camera work in the chase scenes. I was rooting for the lead character from the word go and Bacon did not let me down. Death sentence was a great thrill ride from the emotional opening credits to the chilling conclusion. At times it was brutal, gory n depressing. The music by Charlie Clouser (Saw series, The collection, Resident evil extinction) was very effective at establishing the proper mood. It has some hard hitting action, fantastic foot chase, some amazing gun fights n some unique death scenes. The soundtrack is very depressing and moody and helps set the tone of the film. Its directed by James Wan (Saw, Dead silence, Insidous, Conjuring, Fast n furious 7). Nice cinematography by John R. Leonetti (Conjuring, Insidious). It's based on the book (sequel to the original Deathwish) written by Brian Garfield, the author of Death wish.

Reviewed by TomCruiseFan99 8 /10

Vengeance, pure and simple

Reminiscent of previous vigilante films like Death Wish and The Brave One, this film is much more action-packed and gripping. Kevin Bacon gives an excellent performance as a traumatised father who witnessed his son's murder and decides to punish the killers himself, rather than depend on the police.

The action scenes are truly suspenseful and keep you on the edge of your seat, especially a foot-chase that culminates in a deadly game of hide-and-seek within a 5-storey parking garage. Another factor that sets this film apart from previous vigilante thrillers is that it still manages to serve up quite a few twists and turns that add to the tension.

As exciting and gripping as this film is, please be fore-warned: the violence shown on screen is not for those with weak stomachs. It's graphic, brutal, edgy and tense. Still, this does not detract from the film at all. If anything, it makes the whole experience more visceral.

Reviewed by hatrick714714 8 /10

Do not listen to all the negative reviews!

If anything is going to hurt this movie, it is going to be all of the negative reviews it has been receiving from all of these stuck up critics! Death Sentence is exactly what everyone is expecting it to be, and fans of the 'Revenge' genre will have a blast watching Kevin Bacon chase after his son's killers in this gruesome and riveting storyline.

Kevin Bacon gives an almost scary performance, and the movie will have moments that make some people cringe, and surprisingly some moments that will bring people tears.

Mixing revenge and violence with the struggles in the main character's life works well, and the movie never slows down or gets boring. It is not as if the director really messed anything up, and I don't know what the negative feedback was for, but this movie will certainly entertain the majority of people who go to see it. Have fun!

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