Sarah (Roxanne Pallett) has just moved into a block of flats to start a new life away from her abusive mother. There, she strikes up an unconventional friendship with squatter Sid (Jason Mewes). When Sid's friend Paul goes missing, he and Sarah unearth a series of strange deaths and disappearances. Watched by a malevolent spirit controlling the building's televisions and cameras, reality and fantasy merge as events are twisted into a sick movie on a TV set high in the block of flats. Sid and Sarah are thrown into a fight for survival when the vengeful ghost controlling a horde of zombies possesses Sarah's mother (Frances Ruffelle). Evil suddenly has a familiar face.

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Reviewed by morrigan1982 2 /10

Devil's Tower (2014)

I don't know what to make of this movie. It was a really weird one. Just when i thought that i knew where the plot was going, it got to a point where I lost it!

In the end it made some sense! So it is a mediocre movie and it's up to you if you like it or not. It has its points though.

I played this movie for my friends so we could hang out and watch something for fun. Even though they didn't like horror movies so much this got their attention and no complaints were made. I think they actually loved it. As I said I found it mediocre so go figure!

Back to the movie! It has ghosts, possession of a kind, weird zombie like creatures, it has it all. Basically though, it is a ghost – possession type of movie. The acting is not that good and the story has potentials, you want to find out what is going on, because you can "see" the question marks piling up above your head.

Have fun watching it!

Reviewed by Lionheart-412 6 /10

Pretty decent movie

Devil's Tower is honestly a pretty good movie. It's not fantastic, but it's most definitely not a 1-star movie either. Admittedly it's a bit on the forgettable side, but the acting's good, the plot - while a bit all over the place at times - does hang together alright, the good characters are likable, the bad characters are easy to hate, and while it takes a while for anything zombie to crop up - just over an hour in - there's some pretty good supernatural scenes to tide you over before you just kind of sink into the usual zombie gore fest. Honestly, all in all, it's a pretty good movie, and worth watching at least once. So, watch it or don't, but if you do, just try to watch more than 20 minutes so you can make an informed decision on whether it's any good or not.

Reviewed by syrus-xl 1 /10

If you want Zombies then this movie is for you!

I do not normally comment on movies but this one needs to have an alert before you watch it, it is that bad! The Devil's Tower is by far a 'b' grade movie, and yet another zombie one at that. All we see lately is zombies, there's plenty of movies that are better than this one. Roxanne Palette's acting as really gone downhill since she left soap opera's in the UK. She's had a few minor parts in other 'B' grade movies, but they were worse than this one. I watched this one for about the first 20 minutes, that was enough - If you are still in to the Zombie Feast movies then watch it, else if you are like me, you will avoid it like the plague! It must be that time of year again when writers are just throwing out all the rubbish for Halloween.

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