Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000 (1999) torrent download

Die Millennium-Katastrophe - Computer-Crash 2000


Action / Thriller



A convicted murderer (Thomas Rasch) reveals that he has planted a virus in a computer program used by most of the world to prevent anticipated Year 2000 computer problems. Unless his demands are met, the virus will wreck havoc with computers worldwide.


Anders Engström


Jürgen Prochnow
as Hans Hagemann
Steffen Wink
as Thomas Rasch
Götz Otto
as Dan Corpening
Desmond Llewelyn
as Peregrin Morley

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by T.J.A. 2 /10

What an unbelievable piece of c**p!

If you never liked to watch infomercials, now it's the time to learn if this turkey is the only other option. At least they are more believable, better acted and shorter than "Error 2000" - what an suitable name to this film. It's one big error from start to bitter ending - how did they fool so many good actors into this mess, beats me. The producers for sure must not have been short of cash... It even has taken five persons to create the story for this film. More the merrier isn't the case this time. Please, switch over to another channel. Now.

Reviewed by jan-erik-wahlberg-1 1 /10

T.J.A. is right

If watching a bad movie could kill, I would be dead! What is it with these guys and how in the world did they convince Jurgen Prochnow to "act" in this baloney? All actors involved seem to be doing their worst, there is neither enthusiasm nor pride in their work, possibly due to poor directing. I was not too surprised to find Kaj Holmberg, co-producer of "Baltic Storm" (another lemon) involved in this tragedy as well. If you are incompetent, time will not heal that problem if there is no talent. I agree with TJA that any lame commercial is way better a pastime than watching this one. If "Millennium-Katastrophe etc." ever comes to a theater near you...run, it is indeed a catastrophe!

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