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Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse


Action / Adventure / Fantasy



When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find a set of dragon eggs guarded by dragon Drago. After Drago saves Gareth's life the two become intricately bonded, and must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer and stop his reign of terror. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight in this fantasy action-adventure for the ages.


Colin Teague

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Reviewed by Rorimor 8 /10

Amazing for what it is!

"Dragonheart 3: The Sourcerer's Curse" is a fun fantasy movie with brilliant action sequences and just enough story to keep most viewers entertained. The film is immediately better than its "A New Beginning" predecessor and is a decent sequel to the original, incorporating enough of the lore and original score to make any fan geek out for a moment.

The film starts out at a brilliant pace, but is held back by some really glossy character development towards the middle, but is ultimately redeemed by its final action set piece and good casting choices. It is not clear where the film takes place in the time-line, but it seems to take place decades or even a century or two before the first film on the series.

The ending sets up the now confirmed "Dragonheart 4" which will be a great film if Universal can continue and/or improve the the quality.

Most of the people giving this film a low rating have not even seen the film and are a disgrace to critics everywhere.

Reviewed by hugs_ponies_and_vampireb 10 /10

Love all things DragonHeart

I think we all know that nothing will ever compare to the original DragonHeart and Draco will always be the best dragon of all time, but I really enjoyed this sequel. Much better than the second(though I still enjoyed that one as a kiddo). Its a little cheesy, but I still loved it. I might just be a huge DragonHeart nerd. I liked the story line, I think they put more thought into it this time around. It was a fun adventure and the effects of the curse were very interesting! I enjoyed most of the characters. I feel it must be a requirement of the DragonHeart movies to have an annoying monk ha but they all grow on you. I think Drago and Gareth were fantastic. This is a fun new chapter to the wonderful story that we have known and loved for almost 20 years.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 /10

Third sequel with sympathetic performances , attractive characters and spectacular scenarios .

Entertaining fantasy movie with thrills , emotion and state-of-art special effects bringing the fabulous dragon to life .¨Dragonheart 3 The Sorcerer's Curse¨ by Colin Teague boasts a passsable cast cast as Ben Kingsley , Julian Morris , Tamzin Merchant , Roger Ashton-Griffiths , Christopher Fairnbank , Jake Curran , all of them get together to battle and protect themselves from a ruthless sorcerer : Jonjo O'Neill . Spellbound Dragon picture with overwhelming fights and sensational scenarios . This film blends witchcraft and wizardry , adventures , battles and is extremely fun and amusing . It is set in the 10th century , A.D. When aspiring knight Gareth (Julian Morris) goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead encounter a set of dragon eggs guarded by dragon Drago. Then , Gareth spontaneously meets a dragon named Drago (voice by Ben Kingsley) and joins forces a brave warrrior girl (Tamzin Merchant) , and a young monk , Lorne (Jassa Ahluwalia) , to vanquish the evil sorcererer . All of them unite a free-breathing dragon to fight a villain knight , Sir Horsa (Dominic Mafham) , as well as must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer (Jonjo O'Neill) and stop his reign of terror. They inspire the people to fight for their freedom and taking on a tyrannical ruler. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight and the sense of life .

This is a medium-budget film in which there's some slow spots but the enjoyable relationship between Garth and Drago make for a fun pairing . The plot is well known and similar to other entries , after Drago saves Gareth's life the two become intricately bonded, as their lives there now share with one heart, joins forces to protect a nest filled with dragon eggs, from there, Garth and Drago have to save the entire kingdom from the rule of the ominous sorcerer . The huge dragon does seem , well , real , thanks to the splendid work carried out by digital effects team . This fantasy movie packs noisy action , witchery , fantastic events , sorcery , impressive battles and a little bit of humor . Likable performance by Julian Morris and Jojo O'Neill as the villainous , evil-hearted sorcerer .The story has many familiar dragon motifs found throughout Western culture , in particular Saint George and the Dragon, in which maiden sacrifices were made to appease a harassing dragon. Saint George's tale also includes a sacrificial lottery resulting in the surprise condemnation of a princess , Saint George is also frequently depicted with a magic blessed lance or a sword . Smart screenplay by Matthew Feitshans, dealing with fantasy medieval , dragons , necromancy , fantastic kingdoms and many other things . Entertaining and fun movie with acceptable special effects bringing the dragon to life . Work on dragons made by CG sometimes seem authentic , but is also noted its computer realization . It is entertaining and funny and with decent computer generator special effects bringing the dragon to life . The movie was produced in enough by Raffaella De Laurentiis (Dino's daughter) . Decent musical score by Mark McKenzie , though he takes sounds from excellent and memorable Randy Edelman's soundtrack . As well as a colorful and glimmering cinematography by David Luther . The motion picture was professionally directed by Colin Teague . It's a family film , a fantasy action-adventure for the ages , but is specially appointed to kids .

The picture belongs to Fantasy/Dragon sub-genre ; other important films dealing with Dragons are the following ones : The original ¨Dragonheart¨by Rob Cohen with Dennis Quaid , Dina Meyer , Jason Isaacs and Julie Christie ; the sequel ¨Dragonheart , a new beginning¨ 2000 by Doug Lelfer , a regular follow-up with little budget and average FX , including unlikely premise from the first part to be continued in a similar plot , there is also a last dragon and a young knight that dreams of becoming a brave knight in shining armor with Chris Marterson , voice by Robby Benson , Figueroa and Harry Von Gorkum ; ¨Dragonheart 3 The sorcerer's curse¨ 2015 by Colin Teague ; ¨Dragonheart 4 Battle for the heartfire¨ 2017 by Patrick Syversen with Patrick Stewart , Andre Eriksen , Tom Rhys ;¨Dragom Storm¨ (2004) by Stephen Furst with Maxwell Caufield , Angel Boris , Tony Amendola and John Rhys Davies ; and other latter day movies and belonging to this Dragons sub-genre are ¨Reign of fire¨ (2002) by Rob Bowman with Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey , Izabella Scorupco , and Gerard Butler ; ¨Eragon¨ (2006) by Stephen Fangmeier with Edward Speleers , Robert Carlyle , Sienna Gullory and John Malkovich .

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