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When an ancient warlord summons a mythological beast, a young hero must complete a series of quests to awaken the dragon that will defeat the monster.

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Reviewed by mikemdp 5 /10

Better than it deserves to be

This "Lord of the rings" rip-off by mockbuster master The Asylum is a lot better than it deserves to be.

Daniel Bonjour, obviously cast because he looks a lot like Frodo, plays Arkadi, a youthful adventurer who must collect a number of jewels which, when placed into an amulet that looks like it was bought at Claire's Boutique for $10.95, will for unexplained reasons give him the power to save the world from the evil of a wizard named Kirill, played by Not Ron Perlman.

He's aided in his quest by two warriors: Katya, whose porn star makeup and lip gloss perfectly match her porn star acting talents, and Maxim, played by ungracefully aging Marc "Beastmaster" Singer, whom the director unwisely required to act like the child of an unholy union between Yoda and Popeye.

Between the opening scenes of Not Frodo peeping at a hottie villager taking her clothes off for no good reason (Note: you don't even get a peek; don't even bother pausing or backtracking the DVD like I did) and the anticlimactic final battle between Not Frodo and Not Ron Perlman, there's in fact a charming little fantasy story going on, with some pretty location shooting and nice b-roll over mountain vistas and lush forests.

The dragons are actually pretty neat looking, even though all they really do is fly around and shake their heads back and forth.

All in all, "Dragonquest" comes off as a bunch of renfaire friends who got together and made their own fantasy movie, with some bargain basement CGI spliced in. On that level, it's a pleasant enough bit of fun.

Don't pay full price for it; that would just be foolish. But I've seen it on Amazon for about three bucks new, paired on the same DVD with the equally workmanlike Asylum effort "Merlin: War of the Dragons." That's how to buy your bad movies, folks. Get 'em cheap, watch 'em once, sell 'em for a profit at your next garage sale.

"Dragonquest" isn't worth anything more than that, and doesn't aspire to be.

Reviewed by supernick-3 1 /10

Not much of a dragon, not much of a quest

Marc Singer, hero of the legendary movie Beastmaster, is back with more of the same. The only difference is that this movie appeared to be made 20 something years before the Beastmaster instead of 20 something years after.

I react the same negative way as many others reacted, but maybe I have some alternate views. Maybe I think that the actors and the writers were paid for the amount of words that were used. Almost none, so sticking to a low budget must not have been a problem. There were a couple of facial expressions though, as thoughtful as from a b-rated soap opera. For sure nothing was spent on special effects on neither dragons nor quests, so I guess it all went to the outfits or to the appearance of the characters. A few rags here and there, a few piles of mud to roll into before playing your part, that must have been expensive.

Was there a lack of character development? I think they rather developed really well from single cell organisms to two-footed Neanderthals.

Of course, if all else fails, you have naked women and fierce fights. Wait, they didn't have naked women (almost though, in the beginning, but that should have been warning that it wasn't going to happen). And they didn't have fierce fights. Well, nothing that my dead grandfather couldn't have won. You should enjoy the abilities of the army (I mean the five soldiers) during the final fight.

A negative experience, for sure. I'm sorry for anyone who spent money on this. My advice, take your copy of Beastmaster from under the dust.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 6 /10

I liked this in an undemanding way. Certainly its better than most recent fantasy films

A good low budget fantasy film that has good performances, good sets, special effects and a good story. Its rare that everything comes together in any fantasy films, less so in a low budget one. certainly there is a a reliance on CGI for battle scenes and monsters but its not intrusive and you with it. The plot has a young man finding his destiny by going on a quest to find a means of stopping an evil lord who has awoken a dragon that is tearing up the countryside. Honestly I put the film on as background and expecting the worst . What I found was myself sitting down and actually watching the film. Any film that gets me not to fidget and to sit down and not reach for the remote must have something. This one does. No, its not Lord of the Rings, but it is a solid little adventure film. Worth a bowl of popcorn and a soda on a couch.

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