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Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



Adam Bell is a Toronto area History college professor. He is a rather somber man, largely because he is stuck in a routine, which includes a relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Mary. While watching a rental movie, he spots an actor in a bit part that looks like him. He becomes obsessed with finding out about this double of his. He learns that the actor's stage name is Daniel Saint Claire, whose legal name is Anthony Claire. Claire is a Toronto based actor with only a few on-screen credits, and is married to a woman named Helen who is currently several months pregnant. Adam then becomes obsessed with meeting Claire, who he learns upon first sighting that they look exactly the same, from the facial hair to a scar each has, but Claire who outwardly is more "put together" than Adam. Their lives become intertwined as Claire himself ends up becoming obsessed with Adam, but in a slightly different way.


Denis Villeneuve


Jake Gyllenhaal
as Adam Bell / Anthony Claire
Sarah Gadon
as Helen Claire
Isabella Rossellini
as Adam's Mother
Tim Post
as Anthony
Kedar Brown
as Security Guard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raisingparanoia 9 /10

ill explain enemy for everyone

nobody seems to understand enemy, I loved the movie personally and you understand it if you watch it twice and pay attention.

okay ill try to explain it, it is about one man fighting with himself , while it is portrayed as two people (Anthony/Daniel and Adam) only one of them is real, and its Adam, I know this because in the beginning on the phone his mother is speaking and says "Adam honey" and also later on in the movie his mother also tells Adam (who is not an actor) to give up his dreams of being a third rate actor. now the story of this movie is hard to understand , its about Adam and Helens marriage and the remaining spark of an old affair, in the beginning you see it open with Jake Gyllenhaal in what is presumably a strip club, eventually you see a woman come out and step on a spider, the woman is Mary, Adam's affair , after that it opens to Adam sitting in his car as you hear his mother leave a voice mail for him. Throughout the movie you see spiders, spiders represent his affair with Mary, and how he still thinks about it, and when you see Adam with Mary he really isn't its just representing his still lasting feelings for her. you see when Adam calls Anthony it really wasn't Adam, it never happened, the whole phone call scene was his imagination, helping him realize he needs to forget about Mary. I'm gonna skip a bunch of unimportant things and try to go as chronologically as I can. At the point where Anthony tells Adam hes going to have sex with his girlfriend , that's really just Adam thinking to himself about him needing to get rid of Anthony and the memories of Mary. so when Anthony goes and takes Mary out that doesn't really happen. whats happening is Adam is thinking that up to help in the getting rid of memories, it is also revealed that Adam is the real person when Adam and Helen lay down and Helen asks how was school . the scene of Mary and Anthony having sex and Mary freaking out is Adam realizing he is married and needs to get rid of the memories, when Anthony and Mary crash the car it is Adam killing off the memories , squashing the spider per Se , this is supported when it zooms in on the crashed cars window the crack looks like a spiderweb, when Adam wakes up the radio speaks of a car crash but it says no details so It is likely that was just chance. also Helen reminds him about his mother calling him, which you should remember from the beginning of the movie. when Adam opens the letter and gets the key, it is a key to the strip club place, and he says to Helen he might have to go somewhere tonight. he goes to look at her and she is a huge spider, this represents how him going to the strip club would bring back the spider. during the movie the spider gets gradually bigger until it is huge and he cannot get it off his mind. so I hope I've explained well enough to help you understand what an amazing movie this truly is.

Reviewed by pablocarlier 9 /10

"Enemy" movie analysis and meaning

"Enemy" is the latest movie from Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, of "Prisoners" fame.

It is a doppelgänger story about a boring, gray man that discovers there is a cool, fancy actor that looks exactly like him. Exactly. Of course, he can't resist getting in touch with him, and of course that's where trouble begins.

Its twisted plot, visual features and philosophical themes have earned it a "what the heck" fame.

This movie is total chaos.

This is me trying to decipher it.

NOTE: This is just a summary, for my full review please visit: bit.ly/1eVEtD6

Adam and Anthony are two sides of the same person.

This is a man who feels trapped by his present as a boring, married, college professor about to become a father. He remembers his old dreams of youth (being an actor, having a cool bike, being a "man"). Spiders in the movie represent the "woman as a trap" in his mind, commitment that represses his individuality.

He gets carried away and leaves her wife and life for an adventure with another woman. This is represented by the initial private club scene where a stripper (his instinct) crushes a spider (the burden of his marriage and child).

He lives as an empty shell during this affair (memories stuffed in boxes in the back of his mind, torn pictures of his past representing the disconnect from his wife).

He reminisces of his old life (represented as his finding and research of his doppelgänger and his household). He does not like what he sees when he discovers his impulsive self. We learn he left aside his dreams for his wife (six months without visiting the acting agency, six months pregnant).

He is reminded by his mother (his conscience) of what really matters and what he has. Finally, he decides to return to his wife after an internal struggle where his instincts and his sense of responsibility fight to death. This death of his passionate, independent self is depicted literally as a car crash that kills his desire and ends with the close-up of a spider-web. He is trapped again.

His responsible self has dominated. But he is bound to make the same mistakes all over again. He finds and decides to use the key to the private club, darker desires come back to haunt him. And the cycle starts over again, in Hegelian form, repressing the self for the collectivism.

Reviewed by jovanovicslo 9 /10

Psychological masterpiece - a movie for every man's mind.

First thing that came to mind about this movie is, how much it reminds me of Kubrick's: Eyes Wide Shut. It's surrealism, it's ambiance, atmosphere and the theme nonetheless. The movie is beautifully woven together into a magical and complete world of it's own. In which some people who saw the film lost themselves and found it frustrating, and others found a magical way of portraying the character's mind. I must admit, I am one of the latter.


1. THEME: The man lost in a world of his own choices, his own desires and vices. A constant struggle in every man's life, mind, heart. A world in which every man watching it, realizes, it is he himself, who is his worst enemy.

2. CHARACTERS: It is one person and two faces of the same man, as the poster itself portrays. The story itself tells you that in the scar aspect of the confrontation, where there is no doubt that they are no twins, that there is no way of thinking it can be a different person. Also his mother tells him to "stop dreaming about that acting hobby of yours".

3. "REALITY": What people watching want to do first, is construct a realistic world of it. And it's not. Watch it as a dream. Plenty of those tips and leads are left by the director to take you there (note for example the giant spiders strutting about the city landscape, the photography of the movie, etc.).

4. STORY: The beginning of the movie shows a pregnant wife, that of a man (both men/main characters)! It is a part of him that wants to escape. That webbed, trapped part and therefore create an alter ego, another self in which he can try to live out a different reality. A reality of a free sexual drive and ego. A reality without his wife. And in that urge and desire, the visuals of a crushed spider is always appear. (spiders being a symbol of his wife and the symbol of his relationship and commitment).

Therefore the teacher part is that part in which he can freely cheat on the wife. Note that the teacher's girlfriend is always leaving him in the middle of the night, never staying for the night. There is also mention of his cheating by his wife, when she asks him "you're seeing her again, aren't you", after he was on the phone.

He can be a free man without any guilt, but with that also comes the aftermath of such a life, no real purpose in his life, no satisfaction (his appearance and his almost depressed psychological state portray this part). His apartment also tells the story of this, empty, unfurnished, almost as a hotel room, just a usable space.

So his free, able to cheat part is seeking something more in life, someone that he can relate to, in effect, seeking his other self's wife and life. And the other part of him, married and bound is searching for the sexual adventures, ego and freedom. That's why the switch comes to place.

In the end, as one part of a man dies, the other is left with a "chosen reality". A choice every man has to make. He makes love to his wife, takes the place of a married man, and becomes solely that. And with that, he chose to confront the spider that is his commitment and his wife. But the lure of the key left behind is always there...

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