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Falcon Rising


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller



FAVELA, the first installment in the CODENAME: FALCON franchise, introduces former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark anti-hero driven by guilt and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy - a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the U.S. State Department. When Chapman's sister is brutally attacked while on assignment in Brazil, Chapman flies into Sao Paulo to track down her assailants, quickly entering the city's seedy underbelly and discovering a world of drugs, the sex trade, corrupt cops, and organized crime syndicates battling for control.


Ernie Barbarash


Michael Jai White
as John 'Falcon' Chapman
Neal McDonough
as Manny Ridley
Lateef Crowder
as Carlo Bororo
Laila Ali
as Cindy Chapman
Masashi Odate
as Hirimoto
Millie Ruperto
as Katarina Da' Silva

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwb001 10 /10

Other reviewers are too hard on this film

I've watched most films on the IMDb list "Best action movies in 2014/2015" (http://www.imdb.com/list/ls075110196/), from the highest rated down to "Falcon Rising".

I really do not understand why other users have given "Falcon Rising" such a low rating (at present, 5.7/10 from 4,359 users). In fact, I gave the film 10/10 simply to counterbalance the naysayers.

During the film, a character states that Brazil has the second-largest population of Japanese people besides Japan. I noted to myself, "After the film finishes, I will try to verify this statement; if it's true, I will write a review on IMDb".

It's true. (See the article "Japanese Brazilian" on Wikipedia.) Such attention to accuracy reflects well on the film to me.

"Falcon Rising" is an excellent action film. Definitely better than "Non-Stop" (7.0/10), "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" (6.2/10), and "Taken 3" (6.0/10).

Reviewed by chris-brown77 7 /10

Worth a watch

Having seen "Blood and Bone" I was interested to see MJW's latest outing, and with some minor reservations this movie is worth a look if the genre interests you. Its well shot, reasonable well acted throughout, with a good peppering of action sequences culminating in the standard "final battle". The fight scenes are well done, focusing on MJW's obvious skills without special effects or camera trickery. The plot moves along nicely, true its a little formulaic and maybe predicable, but name an action/revenge movie that is not....its more about the journey than the destination....hands up who wasn't sure if Liam Neeson would find his daughter in "Taken". The thing that impresses me the most is how good it it is considering the budget...$4.5 million, compare that to "The Expendables" $262 million...and it doesn't look cheap...think more "Transporter" than "Bourne".... ...now there's a thought MJW v Jason Stratham..

Reviewed by designstudio609 7 /10

Solid action movie with the best, MJW


I agree with A_Different_Drummer's review for this movie and his Blood and Bone review. MJW is one of the best action stars out there and is still under-utilized. While this movie started off slowly, the second half was very entertaining and worth it. Predictable story but who cares, it's all about the style for this movie.

MJW needs more roles, I will watch anything with him in it. If you haven't seen Blood and Bone or Black Dynamite yet, go ahead and do yourself the favor.

Though this one isn't his strongest movie it beats the usual 6's and 7's on IMDb that are churned out by Popllywood.

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