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Shot around the world in 2010 and 2011 and narrated by Ewan McGregor, 'Fastest' captures the intense and thrilling reality of the MotoGP World Championship, documenting a pivotal moment in the sport. With Valentino Rossi chasing his tenth World Championship title the Italian ran into one of the toughest challenges of his career: a crop of exceptionally fast young competitors, a horrific leg break at his home race, and an amazing comeback little over 40 days later. Confronting such a monumental task and with rival Jorge Lorenzo taking the 2010 title, Rossi faced up to one of the most testing years in his illustrious career and along with his fellow competitors was left asking: Who is the fastest rider now?


Mark Neale


Ewan McGregor
as Narrator (voice)
Ben Spies
as Himself
Casey Stoner
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TxMike N/A

Excellent MotoGP documentary, focuses on the great Valentino Rossi.

The subject is motorcycle racing. A very specific kind, the worldwide MotoGP division which features the most expensive, highest power/weight ratio motorcycles. Imagine a 350 pound motorcycle with a motor that generates over 200 HP. Not only is that sort of motorcycle very fast, at times racing at over 220 MPH, but they are tricky and one mistake can throw the rider off and result in lots of damage. Damage to the rider and to the bike. But to win at that level the rider has to be riding "on the edge" almost all the time.

The film is narrated by Ewan McGregor and features quite a number of riders in its 1 hour 50 minutes running time. But most of the attention is on two riders, the great Valentino Rossi who has been the best for over a dozen years, and the newcomer, Jorgë Lorenzo, who seems to be destined to be the next "great" one.

The film is a good mix of interviews, practice sessions, exciting race footage, and spectacular crashes. Any fan of motorcycles and especially racing will enjoy this.

Reviewed by grantss 9 /10

Brilliant, even if you're not into motorcycling

Brilliant documentary on MotoGP, in particular the career of Valentino Rossi. Does for MotoGP what the documentary "Senna" did for Formula 1 - it's that good.

I don't follow motorcycle racing, not that I mind it, but after this I wish I had, especially during some of Rossi's epic races. Details the struggle, pain and glory of MotoGP in unflinching detail.

Definitely worth watching, even if you aren't into motorcycling.

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