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Fields of the Dead


Action / Horror



Seven friends find themselves on an isolated farm. Here, they discover an ancient book, which summons demons from the surrounding woods. Now, these friends will have to find a way out of the fields, if they want to survive.


Daniel B. Iske


Lara Adkins
as Emma Cartwright
Mike Delange
as Raliegh Cartwright

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by panther_husky 1 /10

Waste of time and money.

Wannabe actors and director meets Evil Dead. First, get an original idea for a movie. Too many films are being made with no thought involved in the plot, acting or anything else. The whole film was nowhere close to being exciting or interesting for that matter. The killings, possessions and so forth has been done so many times, the fright is not there.

There is nothing new in this film except a black mark against the people who made this atrocious piece of work. I think people are running out of ideas; remakes of old films are being produced, movies based on comics and these pathetic found footage are still being released.

People, forget American movies for now and look up some foreign horror which you may surprisingly find more entertaining.

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 2 /10

Talk about bad.

OK,low budget film, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn, with an antique, possibly haunted yarn, with a scary old story surrounding it, with 3 blonde chicks...I mean cliché is the perfect word to describe this.

All in all, no excuse for the extremely,EXTREMELY, used plot, with ABSOLUTELY nothing new whatsoever, just a re-rewritten thing you've seen 10 times already. So if they couldn't bring anything different, with the help of budget, or maybe a cool horror actor, or something, anything, why make this? Yes, it is bad, the acting is amateur mostly, the plot, as said, is...just impossible to comprehend how can anyone say that THEY written it? Really? So it's like original too I guess...

Anyway, "Fields of the dead" doesn't go in the "to pass some time" category, nor in the "so bad it's good", it has a decent first half for a low budget horror, but then, when it tries to become horror, it becomes pitiful. I really hate trashing movies, especially horrors, because, well, people try to show what they can do, with a micro budget, so maybe one day someone will give them a chance, but this right here, is what we call, wasted-money!

Avoid it! Pretend it does not exist! Best advice I can give you.

Reviewed by robert-cameron87 1 /10

terrible from point go

Please please please for you own good, stay as far away from this movie as you possibly can, in fact walk away now do not think about this movie again, if you have any love for horror genre you will be horrifically disappointed with this movie. This is a poor excuse for a "horror" movie watching paint dry has to be more entertaining than this. The budget was obviously tiny the actor/actresses were bad but not because of poor skills it was just a terrible script!I really do truly enjoy horror movies but the idea that this "horror" movie falls into the horror category is a joke this is going on my list of never to be watched again ever i was watching something else on my tablet by the time the movie was about 40 minutes in it is that bad!

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