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Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery



Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, Los Angeles journalist, really lives for his profession. As Jane Doe, he publishes articles that have caused several heads to roll in the past. Now, Fletch is at it again: In disguise as a bum, he lives at the beach, researching drugs and their dealing. One day, Fletch is addressed by Alan Stanwyk, a rich man, who asks him, the bum, a favour. For the sum of $50,000, Fletch should kill poor cancer-ridden Mr. Stanwyk with a gun, so that his wife will get the insurance money. What the guy didn't think of was Fletch's real profession. Returning into normal life, Fletch instantly takes up research not only to find out that Mr. Stanwyk is healthy as life itself but he also runs into certain connections between drug dealing at the beach, Alan Stanwyk, his private jet, the police and a very expensive piece of Land in Utah.


Michael Ritchie


Chevy Chase
as Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher
Joe Don Baker
as Chief Jerry Karlin
Richard Libertini
as Frank Walker
Tim Matheson
as Alan Stanwyk
M. Emmet Walsh
as Dr. Joseph Dolan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ODDBear 8 /10

Wisecrack mystery yarn

Chevy Chase plays investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, nicknamed Fletch, who's disguising himself as a junkie on the beach to uncover a smuggling ring. He gets spotted by Tim Matheson, a real estate millionaire, who asks Fletch to kill him so his wife can receive the inherit. Fletch goes snooping around and finds out that his smuggling ring investigation might somehow be tied to the millionaire.

With a different leading man this film could very well have been a full blown thriller. Imagine John Frankenheimer directing and Robert De Niro starring. But, in dealing with what's at hand, Fletch is a good comedy where Chase can showcase his range of disguises and delivery of good one-liners. Chase absolutely smothers the film with wisecracks and the overall very well constructed mystery is nearly overlooked. With repeated viewings I've actually come to appreciate the film more for it's genuinely gripping detective story elements, it really does boast a solid mystery that unfolds well.

There's one thing for sure here; you have to be a fan of Chevy Chase for this film to work for you. Since I'm a fan the film is in high regard. Chase's wisecracks aren't all brilliant but they're mostly very good and here he's at the top of his game.

Fletch and Clark Griswold are the two characters Chevy Chase will most be remembered for.

Reviewed by gold5 N/A

"Did you decorate this place yourself, or did Mrs. Chief of Police help?"

**Quote Spoilers Ahead** Oh man, what can I say? Chevy Chase has some of the best deadpan oneliner deliveries of his career in this hilarious comedy about the shenanigans of investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, alias "Fletch F. Fletch", "Nugent; Ted Nugent", "Dr. Rosen-rosen, Rosen-penis", "Igor Stravinsky","G. Gordon Liddy" Etc. Etc!!

I love how Chase's character plays off of such character actors as Joe Don Baker, George Wendt, and M. Emmett Walsh. The they are excellent foils for Chevy Chase's very funny and sometimes subtle jokes and insults!

Some highlights of the film are the physical exam scene (Fletch refers to Walsh's character as "Dr. Jellyfinger"!-Priceless!), The country club scene with such lines as " Yes, very good; I'll have the steak sandwich and... a steak Stanwyk." And no one should miss the chase sequence thru the streets of LA in a 'borrowed' Alfa Romeo Spyder! "Just gotta check the fluorocarbon output!","Hey Fred! How's the herpes? Does it hurt?". Which leads up to the improvised speech Fletch gives in tribute to "Fred 'the Dorf' Dorfmann", the father of "Internal Bushings"... "No more alcohol and sedatives in her life." So much is going on here, that repeated viewings are definitely recommended by this reviewer to catch all the asides and little moments to be had in this film! I also split my sides during the autopsy sequence. "Have you ever seen a spleen this large?"-"Not since breakfast."

All in all, lots of action, general hamminess and a very good supporting cast making this one a keeper for anyone's movie collection! Highly recommended for comedy fans and a must see. One of the best examples of this type of humor!

"It's all ball bearings these days!""You and Tommy LaSorda?...I hate Tommy LaSorda!""I feel like a hundred dollars.""Nice garage. Must've cost hundreds.""...I saw the bright red Oldsmobuick of Mr. Arnold T. Pants, Esq. Attorney at Law.""Get me some gauze pads and 30-weight for that fetzer valve... and clean those windows, they have filth and muck on them!""Does this entail me dressing up as 'Little Bo-Peep'?"

Very Quotable... I give it an 8.8/10.

Reviewed by mrme1013 8 /10

A refreshing change of pace!

Fletch is a refreshing departure from most modern crime/mystery flicks, and cop comedies. Chevy Chase plays Fletch, an undercover journalist with a penchant for clever disguises.

The film takes itself seriously, as we see Fletch run from place to place making up names and solving the mystery. What makes this film great is that it's not a comedy by nature, but that the character Fletch is a comical man.

Thus, we laugh at him and the situations he makes for himself. The film doesn't need to poke fun at itself, we have enough fun watching Fletch.

It's hokey at times, and some of the supporting actors can be a little flimsy, but if you're interested in a great light-hearted mystery from the 80's, Fletch is a great watch!

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