Blackmailed back into the arena by a ruthless crime boss, a former underground fighting legend must survive a gauntlet of savage matches where losing just one fight... means losing it all.


Jonas Quastel


Vladimir Comorovschi
as Big Blue Danson
Peter Weller
as Danny G.
Philip Granger
as Lt Fortinski
Florin Roata
as Dracul the Killer

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Reviewed by rgblakey 5 /10

Gary Daniels steps into the cage in Forced to Fight

Martial arts films just don't come out all that often with the exception of the Asian market. Back in the 80's and 90's there was a new one hitting the video shelf all the time featuring an exclusive group of martial artists that had cornered the market. One of them included Gary Daniels who also recently showed up in the original Expendables film and now has an all-new martial arts film called Forced to fight.

Forced to Fight follows an ex-kick boxer, forced into the world of MMA when is brother refuses to throw a fight and left for dead. As if trying to fight to pay off his debt wasn't enough he has to content with the growing obsession of being back in the ring and the toll it takes on his family. This is one of those movies that you pretty much just watch for the fighting. The story is fine, but it is one that has been done a hundred times over, especially back in the 80'/90's action phase. This film fits right into that category and delivers the look and fill with the added addition of the MMA style fighting. The way they bring Daniels up to date with this sort of fighting is added to the story, but still manages to let him keep his style intact. There is plenty of martial arts action here, with most of it well choreographed, with just a few that don't offer all that much excitement. Daniels hasn't lost a step and continues to have a great screen presence. Robocop himself Peter Weller jumps in as the baddie for the film and does a good job cheesing it up a bit while not getting too over the top.

This is a film that will most likely only entertain the hardcore martial arts fans and is exactly who it is made for. While he never left, it's always great to see one of the old school guys back on the shelves with a new movie and Daniels delivers. If you love old school martial arts, then give Forced to Fight a try.

Reviewed by tatsu2050 7 /10

surprisingly good

I'm not going to write anything about the story, other reviewers have already done so. Only so much: yes, it's pretty basic, has been done before a million times BUT... I think in this one it's done comparatively well. As another reviewer wrote, the time which passes between scenes has not been worked out well and you wonder about the jumps in behavior and emotion. But the acting is much better than you would expect from such a movie and the actors can't be blamed for inconsistencies in the script and what the directer/producer did with it.

Now, to those who wonder less about the story and more about the fighting: The choreography is done much better than in most 80s and 90s martial arts flicks. You also have a lot of grappling but not so much as to make it boring. I think it's a very entertaining mix of fancy moves and realistic MMA techniques with a stand up fighting to grappling ratio of roundabout 80/20%.

If you are a fan of Gary Daniels anyways you gonna LOVE this one :).

Reviewed by TheBishop34 5 /10

Oddly Entertaining yet..a bad film

I am not sure what to say about this film. I liked both Gary Daniels and Peter Weller in it, I thought the fight scenes were very well done and I was pretty entertained by it. However the film is bad on so many levels, the plot pretty standard fare, probably something you would have seen a lot in the 80s, Daniels has to fight to pay the debt his brother owes to a underground fight promoter played by Weller.

The acting of Daniels' characters wife and child are largely cringe worthy especially the boy. The pacing is very off in the film, you know time has to be passing, but it doesn't feel that way. Daniels decent into his characters fighting addiction is almost so sudden as to be unbelievable as is his abusive way he handles his family after this occurs. Nothing about this part of the film feels genuine and is what really brings the film down.

The nail in the coffin comes with when Weller kills the brother needlessly. It doesn't really follow, he has Daniels fighting for him, even got him to take dives. He took Weller's threats seriously, so the murder of the brother does nothing except give Daniels a reason to screw Weller royally which he does.

There are other nitpicks here, the big bad fighter at the end isn't really set up well, you never really see him as much of threat and Daniels seems to have an easier time of finishing him then he did the previous fighter. The cop that is investigating the murder seems to have been pulled from the 70s, old style appearance, unkempt appearance, heavy NY accent and all. Then the low budget swat team seen at the end, all black ski mask wearing subjects with handcuffs visible to show they are cops.

However even with all the flaws, I was still entertained and in the end that is all a film has to do.

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