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Fun with Dick and Jane


Action / Comedy / Crime



And just like that, Globodyne Corporation--the big media institution where the affluent suburbanite and the company's Vice President, Dick Harper, works--collapses in a grand scandal, Enron-style. To make matters worse, in the worst possible time, Dick's stressed-out travel agent wife, Jane, decides to quit her job--and if this isn't enough--their savings are gone, and nothing can stop Dick and Jane's downward spiral. Now, after a series of failed attempts to keep a job, the desperate and impoverished couple has only one method to stay afloat: to summon up the nerve and steal their way out of misery. However, are Dick and Jane cut out for a life of crime?


Dean Parisot


Jim Carrey
as Dick Harper
Téa Leoni
as Jane Harper
Alec Baldwin
as Jack McCallister
Richard Jenkins
as Frank Bascombe
Angie Harmon
as Veronica Cleeman
Richard Burgi
as Joe Cleeman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roddick-1 N/A

Light comedy with some good laughs

In previews and early reviews this movie was called "one of the funniest movies ever" and I was eager to see it. But after a while it began to get called "the worst Jim Carrey movie ever". I still thought I should see it, being a big Jim Carrey fan, plus I haven't always agreed with the critics. After seeing it I can't say it's the funniest movie ever, but it definitely isn't the worst.

I have not seen the original version, but I'm sure there are some modern plot twists and of course original jokes. There are plenty of gags and funny situations that kept me entertained throughout and some really good ones that made me laugh hysterically. Many comedies are very silly which makes them so funny, but people have said that this movie is just silly and not funny at all, I can't agree. While there are some small parts that are just silly, the rest are not.

Acting wise it is quite good. Jim Carrey does his trademark craziness well in this one. The rest of the cast do well too.

Overall it's a funny, entertaining movie. If you feel like a light comedy with some good laughs, ignore the harsh critics and go and see it.

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 7 /10

More than a little pickle...

A wildly underrated remake of the Jane Fonda/George Segal classic --- proving that it's never a bad time to say f### y## to corporate America. Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni find themselves way over their heads after Carrey is run out of his job by greedy boss Alec Baldwin. They plot revenge after trying (in the most bizarre ways imaginable)to make ends meet. Attempting everything from bank robbery to migrant day labor, Carrey is brilliant and Leoni is a perfect match for his hyperactivity. Their Sonny & Cher bit is lunacy and Carrey's run in with some ruthless INS officers has to be seen to be believed. Baldwin, affecting a southern drawl, is suitably nasty and the supporting cast includes Michael Higgins, Angie Harmon, and Richard Jenkins, as the couple's boozy and very unlikely savior.

Reviewed by dublin9 7 /10

A Fun Movie with Great Physical Acting

Have we lost our humor in America? This is a very funny movie. In many ways it's a dark comedy with a happy ending. But it moves quickly, is a parody on timely issues and has some of the best physical acting you'll ever see.

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni work very well together. And while the 1977 original had two of my favorite people (whacko politics aside for Jane Fonda because she was a hoot in Barbarella), I think this version was more light hearted and more up to date.

I have a strange feeling that younger people didn't understand the concept, 20-30's thought it implausible for them and people above were frightened by its premise.

7 out of 10 for an entertaining time.

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