Agents force a former con man to help them nab a corrupt politician.


Burt Reynolds
as Gator McKlusky
Jack Weston
as Irving Greenfield
Dub Taylor
as Mayor T.L. Caffery
Jerry Reed
as Bama McCall
Lauren Hutton
as Agatha Weedow "Aggie" Maybank

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shipes_j N/A

its the seventies

one of the most endearing qualities about this movie is the fact that it brings the seventies back to your was filmed in 1976 and it shows it often....the scene where jerry (reed) enters the "southside shuffle "topless" bar...nails the period completely... as well as other fashions, lingo, and of course burt himself...who "owned" the seventies....due to this movie and his other good ole boy films of the south....coupled with the overwhelming popularity of smokey and the bandit (yet to come a year later)...established burt as a seemingly permanent fixture in cinema back then...I always thought burt would stay on top I guess...he seemed invincible as the #1 box office attraction...he is definitely an icon of the seventies time capsule...his swagger and his sense of humor put a brand on me as I remember many times in my life (silently) asking myself...what would burt do in a situation like this?....

as pure acting goes...the film had one of the best supporting actors around and due to his lack of experience I guess you would just have to sum up jerry reed as being a "natural".....he played the villain so well you wanted him to stop...and go back to the good ole boy that you knew he could be (later as cletus snow in smokey and the bandit)

gator is/was one of my all time favorite films...from a time period that I thought would never end...I miss it and this film will help you reunite with it if you are nostalgic at all...

Reviewed by y4j1981 9 /10

Burt is fine, but Jerry is better

The movie Gator is full of action. As with many Burt Reynolds movies the cops are once again practically useless. The standout is Jerry Reed as Bama McCall. Jerry Reed takes his role and runs with it till their is nothing left. The evil laugh and twinkle in his eye only adds to his portrayal. The bar scene with Bama, Gator, Bones and Smiley is a 10 easily. If you enjoy Burt Reynolds you will like this movie, however I hope you will walk away with a new appreciation for Jerry Reed. I really got a kick out of the 70's suits Mr. Reed wore. Classic. The opening motorboat scene is done well, but you can see the stunt men instead of the main actors. Lauren Hutton is sweet and there seemed to be some chemistry between her and Burt. Great acting, morality play and Jerry Reed, what more could one ask for?

Reviewed by ary N/A

vigorous ride of revenge, friendship and violence in the south of Florida, a fast and powerful movie you will not want to miss...

"Gator " marks a time in that there were not limits for the pleasure, for the happiness and for the adventure! this film is a typical turn to the seventies, and it has as the protagonist the star who reigned absolute for this time and who is finally returning: Burt Reynolds. Seen today, of course " Gator " seems a simple film and with a weak story, but if we analyze the context of the time in what it was done, Gator " is memorable and, without a doubt, an entertaining film and that deserves to be watched! Burt Reynolds offers all his charm, all his talent, interpreting Gator McKlusky, a scoundrel who is forced by the policemen to infiltrate in the criminal organization of an old childhood friend, and discover evidences that will lead him to the prison. Jerry Reed, another great icon of the seventies, is excellent as Bama McCall, the boss of the organized crime who seems to be owner of the south of Florida, Lauren Hutton was never so pretty and nice, particularly in the scene in what she and Burt Reynolds are talking at the beach, at night, near of a bonfire. Gator " is a celebration of a time where everything was simpler, truer and tasty, it is a memorable and efficient film that, even after so many years, preserves the tension and unforgettable scenes . Watch " Gator ", it is not the best film of Burt Reynolds career, but it is one of the good ones!

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