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The High Note


Drama / Music / Romance



A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.


Nisha Ganatra

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bigmdeedub 10 /10

Proof great that movies drown in garbage...

This film is the perfect example of great art, sabotage by 'critic' reviews. The entire truth of The High Note is summed up in its central message; the music is what matters. Not gimmicky remixes or auto tuned production, but REAL music that moves you. The weak attempts to tarnish this gem of a story, will be effortlessly cast aside by those not caught up in what the industry spoon feeds the masses. At one point a particular review attacks this film with 'it handles conflict in the nicest possible way' as if we as humans can't evolve to a place of civility.

As a father I am grateful for the creative forces behind this project. Ms. Ross' performance is authentic. Dakota's character breathes real air. Ice Cube causes the audience to contract empathy for the human condition. The only change that would've been even more icing on this tasty cake, would be the song 'I don't really care' being a larger part of the movie.

Nice work Rotten Tomatoes. Way to back up your name with your rotten review of one of the truly good features of 2020...

Reviewed by pinklarp 9 /10

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Great cast, great story, Tracee Ellis Ross has a powerful voice especially in a duet with Kelvin Harrison Jr. He and Dakota Johnson have nice chemistry and give insight into the world of music producers and talent. Dakota and Ross characters both dealing with breaking away from other people's plans for them. Nice fashion, cars, ponytails. Light hearted, no violence, not preachy. Film industry needs to make more of these feel good films. Especially now.

Reviewed by cristinasoulmates 7 /10

A beautiful entertaining film about fulfilling your dreams.

* There is no end credit scene *

The director Nisha Ganatra and crew brought a beautiful entertaining film about fulfilling your dreams. The story is about a famous singer's career, an aspiring singer and a personal assistant's dream of becoming a music producer. What a great beginning full of soul and no matter what preference of music one listens to, the rhythm will be felt. The movie could have been perfect if it wasn't for the romance part, and I don't mind a romantic film but it strays away from what the movie was about. The chain of events caused by the romance would have worked perfectly if it was a friendship since a relationship was needed due to the importance of what many artists cope with. Aside from forcing a romance, this movie was still powerful in projecting the struggles of deciding what you want and what society wants for you.

The composer Amie Doherty captured the conflict of reaching your dreams with her music. Also, the songs chosen for this movie was so uplifting, it's a movie to watch in a high volume to feel the outstanding boom.

The cast was perfect, performances to keep wanting more. Ice Cube is a natural in this kind of role and Kelvin Harrison Jr. was the one whom I was annoyed with but not because of his acting skills which were great, it was the romance part. Dakota Johnson! My gosh, the way she listens to music is like she is really feeling it and craves to make it better. She was amazing portraying the character who wants to be a music producer. Tracee Ellis Ross debut single was so beautiful and what a voice! Even though she has the name which makes some turn heads, she was still her own person and her performance was natural and real.

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