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Action / Comedy / Horror



In 1983, a group of high school kids break into an abandoned amusement park only to realize it's overrun with monsters.


Balázs Hatvani


Tim Curry
as Gingerclown
Sean Young
as Nelly the Spiderwoman
Brad Dourif
as Worm Creature
Lance Henriksen
as Braineater
Michael Winslow
as Stomachcrumble

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tdrish 5 /10

Gingerclown is a dork movie

I didn't set my expectations too high with Gingerclown. I wasn't expecting a high body count, blood and guts flick...heck, I wasn't even expecting a good movie. What I was expecting, however, was Tim Curry reprising his "IT" clown role, that's what the hype was all over. Unfortunately, I didn't get that either. What was Gingerclown, then? Gingerclown can I describe? Gingerclown is Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland gone wrong. The reviews are all true, the acting is bad, the blood and slime is kept to a minimum, and there's no sugar coating it, THE STORY SUCKS! What's more of a letdown then anything, is the fact that virtually nothing happens in this movie. I mean, nothing! Sorry, let's rewind: Our story takes place in 1983 ( wow! the year our Hungarian director was born! Coincidence?) The first eleven or so minutes of Gingerclown ( clocked in at a total running time of just over 80 minutes) is just some jock drunk kid screaming and yelling very loudly, in fact, I was starting to think maybe he was the Gingerclown, no, he's just a clown. He dares a young boy to go into uncharted territory with his girlfriend ( the jocks girl) at a high cost...he wants them to bring back something good. Something good? Yeah, bring back a better script for this movie! By the 23 minute mark, we've already met some of the cheesy monsters. They don't get any better as the movie goes on. Most of them just do more heavy cussing then come out as being remotely scary, or doing anything that would put them in danger. There were a few scenes worth noting, although wildly bizarre. There's a...death on a ride, that's all I can say without spoilers. There's a...okay, it's just one scene worth noting, so what do you want? A lot of the later monsters just seem to be plain stupid, dripping ridiculous amounts of fluid, and just bickering and snapping on one another. The only reason why I gave Gingerclown 5 out of can tell the efforts were there. They did try, and credit has to be given for that. Story suffers, virtually no violence, and nothing happens, but the realism of 1983 is there, and you can't beat that.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 /10

Simply horrible.

"Gingerclown" is a film with absolutely no redeeming values whatsoever. It is a terrible film with little, if anything, positive I can say about the production. It lacks originality, is full of terrible acting, has horrible dialog, features incredibly dated special effects and made me wonder who would want to see or make such an awful movie. Is it bad enough that it might one day make one of my Worst Film lists? Read on to find out for yourself.

The film starts off behind the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills of California. So why, then, do some of the kids in this film sport Hungarian accents while others do not? Well, it's because the movie was actually shot in Hungary--and mostly in an amusement park after hours. Yes...and amusement park. I assume that aside from the abandoned roller disco and summer camp in the woods, this is the most likely setting for a slasher film--one that has been used so many times that it's become a cliché.

The gist of the film is this: a nasty jock (again, how original) dares a nerd and a sexy girl to go to the abandoned amusement park after dark. There, all sorts of hellish (and annoying) creatures hunt them. That is THE plot.

So why did I hate this film so much apart from it being not one bit original or fun? Well, the dialog is the biggie here. Rarely have I ever heard such crappy lines being uttered in a film. Sure, the movie was filled with tons of cursing and crude comments--but often this seemed to be a crutch. In other words, as the writer had nothing of value to say, they sprinkled the film with these nasty lines because that was apparently all they had. Here are a few edited examples of the thespian-like dialog in Gingerclown: '...are you a f****** retard or what?!'

'suck my b**** dude'

'what do you want wormface?'

Needless to say, the film has nothing particularly intelligent to say-- even for a teen slasher film (and that is saying a lot!). Frankly, I'd be ashamed to write anything this wretched and can't see how any writer would take credit for this sort of bilge.

In addition to the horrible dialog, the characters are truly caricatures. Everyone seems like they were created by a 12 year-old who is trying hard to include all the traditional stereotypes. This, combined with the dialog, brings us characters who are simply annoying and stupid. When you also add that many of the actors cannot act and annunciate the wrong syllables, it makes for a painful viewing experience.

So is this film bad film list-worthy? I don't really know. Most of the films I've put on my previous bad films lists were terrible but unintentionally funny to watch because they were so bad. In the case of "Gingerclown", however, the movie is simply unfunny and a waste of time. The only real value I could see was showing it to young filmmakers and screenwriters to show them an example of what not to do.

Reviewed by mattbowler 1 /10


Let me say first, I rarely have had the overwhelming desire to shut off a movie without first 1) giving it the benefit of the doubt 2) watching it long enough to make an informed opinion on the work. With regard to this film; Within 25 minutes, I was completely disinterested in continuing.

I kept looking for any glimmer of hope; some redeeming quality about it, that would bring it to at least the level of "watchable".

Firstly, the special effects & cinematography: Although I did enjoy the simple, creepy, properly-stylized, well-scored opening credits, the rest was very disappointing. I understand it was to be an "80's feel" - but I feel like they literally used 80's technology, 80's specials effects, 80's everything; and for that reason and others, it failed miserably. I am a "child of the 80's" and this movie most certainly did NOT make me feel all "warm and nostalgic".

The bigger problem came when the actors & actresses opened their mouths. At that point, the two biggest (most fatal) flaws of the film were exposed; the bad acting, and the bad script. Tim Curry, you are better than this man! I don't even know why he joined this project (slim pickings elsewhere?) I don't like calling people out by name, but Erin Hayes..She was just terrible in this film. I won't ramble on with flowery adjectives, but we all know poor acting when we see it; it's just awkward and uncomfortable. Yes, it's a given that the script was as, if not more terrible than the acting. And yes, I think most would agree that GOOD actors/actresses with a BAD script, can still pull off a GOOD movie despite bad writing. This is not the case. Although Mr. Ashley Lloyd's performance is better (and easily eclipses) than Ms. Hayes' performance, the fact remains the same; the acting stinks.

The script! AUGH! Someone once told me; people swear out of ignorance, because they have nothing better or more intelligent to say. This seems to be a perfect fit for this film. It would seem that the writers ran out of ideas and substituted those ideas with copious, pointless, annoying, and ultimately distracting amounts of profanity. The rest of the script is like a rapid-fire succession of bad one-liner dialog (ie: "through here!" and "What was that?" and "I'm scared!"). This was so unpleasant to watch.

One can only hope that it was all a matter of budgeting problems or some similar issue. I did not see a stated budget, or a ticket office gross, so one can only guess.

As I myself never rely solely on other people's opinions and prefer to form my own - take it with a grain of salt. But then, if every reviewer says essentially the same thing - you have to wonder.

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