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God's Country


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family



Meghan Doherty is a young, talented executive who neglects her mother and close friends to focus on one goal MAKING MONEY. After closing a multi-million dollar deal Meghan is asked by Mr. Randolph Whitaker (her boss/CEO) to close a deal of a lifetime. She's taking her talent to the Mojave Desert in hopes of getting a Christian land owner to turn over his land before auction. With a 100 million dollar potential deal looming, there is nothing that will stand in the way of her getting what she needs to further her career. Not even GOD? Over a period of 6 days Meghan goes through spiritual transformation (fish out of water) calling on her favorite investor to help save the Land.


Chris Armstrong


Jenn Gotzon Chandler
as Meghan Doherty
Arlene Santana
as Valentina
Suzanne Ford
as Emma Doherty
Gib Gerard
as Jake Graham
Michael Toland
as Eden Graham
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Mr. Randolph Whitaker

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bradjunkm 1 /10

Horrible writing, acting, directing

I don't write reviews (this is my first!), but I feel compelled because the obviously shill reviews for this movie convinced our family to waste our time to watch this movie. We enjoy faith-based movies - have seen some really good ones (War Room, Love Comes Softly series, Facing The Giants, Flywheel, God's Not Dead series, Hoovey, The Grace Card, To Save A Life, The Secret's of Jonathan Sperry, Believe Me, A Matter of Faith, to name just a few). We've also seen some really bad ones, but this may be the worst!

The acting is painful and cringe-worthy. The writing and directing just awkward and disjointed. The "Christian" lines inserted in this movie make it seem like an attempt to "Christianize" a film to sell to Christians! Our family agreed - watching a movie like this gave us an appreciation for the art of making a watchable movie, let alone a good or great movie.

Most of all, we feel cheated by whomever wrote all these "outstanding" reviews, and wasted our time on this movie. "Outstanding" compared to what?! We can account for different tastes in movie appreciation and reviews, but this is clearly not even close to an "outstanding" movie, and in fact - compared to the films listed above - not even passable. If this even was an earnest attempt at a Christian film (and that is in great doubt), the phoniness of acting, lines, plot guarantees delivering nothing "moving" about this film. The Spirit definitely "passed over" this one!

Reviewed by sycamorematt 7 /10

Solid Film with Great Message

I picked up God's Country at Wal-Mart this weekend expecting a feel-good family film and it did not disappoint.

Jenn Gotzon plays Megahn Doherty - a hard driving investment banker that has her eye on the prize and keys to a beautiful Ferrari in her designer purse. Jenn has many credits to her name and she employs all of her skill in this film. Over the course of the film she transforms from a character with a heart that is cold and closed to one that is open and radiating life and love. Jenn plays the character brilliantly as the character rides a roller coaster of emotion as this rebirth occurs.

Another featured member of the cast is Michael Toland who plays Eden Graham. His character is the owner of God's Country who is trying to cling on to his land and his ministry. Michael does a wonderful job playing the folksy and faithful Eden. He's convincing in his portrayal of a man that feels a connection to the land and sees it as an integral part of his commitment to God.

Gib Gerard plays Eden's son Graham. I enjoyed his performance as well. In particular there is a campfire scene which he plays opposite of Jenn that is very good. In it is revealed that he is more than he appears and that he and his father have a grand plan for God's Country. Gib and Jenn play very well opposite of one another and their relationship unfolds very believably and organically over the course of the second act.

The third act is also good, if a little predictable. What good is a feel-good family film without a feel-good family ending? I won't go into details but the only problem I had with it is how the financial situation is resolved. The logical side of my brain kicked in and had me wondering at some of the technical aspects but I'd say that's my problem more than a writing flaw. Even with that in mind the actors carry us through to the end in fine style.

One final thing I would like to say is that I thought Director Christopher Armstrong did a wonderful job on this film. He captured some great performances and really set the stage for the most impactive scenes by utilizing beautiful desert locations to make every outdoor scene magical.

I highly recommend this film to anyone with the desire to see a touching story with a great message in a beautiful locale.

Synopsis: Investment Banker and self-professed workaholic Meghan Doherty (Jenn Gotzon) has a rewarding career ahead of her. She's got the clothes, she's got the car and now she has a BIG deal to close. Her boss, Mr. Whitaker (Daniel Hugh Kelly), has his eyes on a property about to go into foreclosure as the foundation for a huge casino/resort complex in the Mojave Desert. He sends big-gun Meghan out to close the deal before it goes to auction. Upon arriving she she meets Eden Graham (Michael Toland) the owner and operator of a spiritual retreat in this quiet corner of the world. Convinced that God has a plan for him, his son and the dream they have worked long and hard to build he asks Meghan to stay and witness their ministry in action. She doesn't realize it but her life will take a big turn over the next six days in God's Country.

I don't think I've given too much away in that paragraph and I would encourage you to find out what happens next yourself!

Reviewed by kirktoe 10 /10

God's Country is a wonderful film of faith and inspiration

If you're looking for a great evening of quality family entertainment you need look no further than 'God's Country". It is inspirational and moving - a movie that you will want to watch many times. Chris Armstrong's (in his first directing venture) does an exceptional job, especially with the breath-taking scenery. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. And the cast is superb. Jenn Gotzon really shines in this film and shows why she was voted Best Actress at both the Global Art Film Festival and the 168 Film Festival. Her portrayal of Meghan Doherty as a money obsessed worldly bank executive transformed by love and the power of God is brilliant and inspiring. The supporting cast is excellent as well - Gib Gerard (Jake Graham), Michael Toland (Eden Graham), and Daniel Hugh Kelly (Mr.Whittaker). Does Daniel Hugh Kelly ever age? Kelvin Brown's infectious humor as Lenny and Stephanie Barne's innocent (yet perky) portrayal of Geri are noteworthy as well.

But the story of God's Country also speaks to something bigger. It demonstrates the contrast between materialism and spirituality. What the human heart seeks will not be found in riches, jewelery, or Ferrari's (as Meghan discovered) but in the simple truth of God's love for us and our love for one another through community. The people of "God's Country" had found this truth and their acceptance of Meghan in love transforms her. We should seek to emulate this in our own lives.

The Apostle Paul wrote 2,000 years ago "...brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Those words are still relevant today and "God's Country" exceeds each one of those standards. I know you will be blessed by this wonderful film as I was.

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