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Gone in 60 Seconds


Action / Crime / Thriller



In exchange for his little brother's life, the reformed car thief, Randall "Memphis" Raines, has to do the impossible: in less than three days, he has to steal not one, but fifty exotic supercars for the ruthless crime lord, Ray Calitri. To stand a chance of pulling off this intricate and time-sensitive grand theft auto, once more, Memphis has to rely on his old gang--his knowledgeable mentor, Otto; the old friends, Sphinx and Donny; his reluctant ex-girlfriend, Sway, and a band of tech-savvy young thieves--however, the police are already onto them. Now, fast Lamborghinis, precious Ferraris, luxurious Porsches, and Eleanor--a rare Ford Shelby Mustang GT500--are just some of the cars in Raines' long list. Can Memphis execute the perfect car heist?


Dominic Sena


Nicolas Cage
as Randall 'Memphis' Raines
Giovanni Ribisi
as Kip Raines
Angelina Jolie
as Sara 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. Cross
as Mirror Man
Scott Caan
as Tumbler

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by berealinvestor 1 /10

The company is money hungry cucks

F you for taking Chris project car, that's some really bs. Oh the Eleanor is a character that's some fed up bs. You have lost the respect of a die hard for fan.

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 /10

So many people like this movie

A film that by the synopsis should appeal to all teens but it felt like the Writers forgot that, Apart from the ending there was literally no car chases and little action, The plot was ok but even though their task was near impossible they never felt like they were in any problems doing it, It had quite a big cast and they all did their best but I don't think they really needed Angelina Jolie as she offered nothing that was needed and wasn't even used for her sex appeal, The ending was pretty fun as it felt like they saved all their budget on it, With some good chases and a few ok stunts but as I said earlier it never felt like there was any danger in completing his mission and got very predictable, It's not a bad movie but it should of been so much more fun.

Reviewed by whatsthe-37614 1 /10

A film about car thieves made by actual car thieves

The people that made the movie just stole (sorry, legally removed) a car from a YouTube creator because it looks like the car in the movie. Aren't they just delightful.

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