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Graduation Day


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



After a high school track runner, named Laura, suddenly dies from a heart attack after finishing a 30-second 200-meter race, a killer wearing a sweat suit and a fencing mask begins killing off her friends on the school track team one by one. The suspects include the track coach Michaels, Laura's sister Anne who arrives in town for the funeral, the creepy school principal Mr. Guglione, and Laura's strange boyfriend Kevin.


Herb Freed


Christopher George
as Coach George Michaels
Patch Mackenzie
as Anne Ramstead
E. Danny Murphy
as Kevin Badger
E. J. Peaker
as Blondie
Michael Pataki
as Principal Guglione
Richard Balin
as Mr. Roberts
Carmen Argenziano
as Insp. Halliday

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by azathothpwiggins 3 /10

"They're Animals! I Swear, They Get Worse From Year To Year!"...

GRADUATION DAY starts off at a high school track and field competition, where a runner named Laura Ramstead (Ruth Ann Llorens), drops dead after winning a race. Soon thereafter, a mysterious figure is hunting down and killing the school athletes. At the same time, Laura's older sister, Ann (Patch Mackenzie) arrives in town for the titular event. Could there be some other reason for her return? As for other possible suspects, there's an entire school of red herrings to choose from. Especially, the explosive, overbearing coach Matthews (Christopher George- PIECES), who yells his lungs out at every opportunity. In fact, all of the adults in this movie are either leches, idiots, or lecherous idiots! The students aren't much better! They're as ridiculous as the means of their deaths, which include: death by sword, spikes, and football! Watch for Linnea Quigley (SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) as Dolores, who instantly sheds her top, as in most of her projects. Also, look quick and you'll see Vanna White in designer jeans! WARNING: This movie contains intense "roller boogie" scenes, and 80's "rock music" being played! Don't worry though, because there's not one second of this movie that can be taken seriously! Nope, not at all. Co-stars Michael Pataki (GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE) as the insufferable Principal Guglione...

Reviewed by BillyBC N/A

Vanna White and Linnea Quigley -- together at last!

(** out of *****) Yet another school-related slasher -- this time a high school track team is the target of a psycho decked out in fencing garb who seems to be upset over the fact that a girl collapsed and died on the track a year ago. Of course, everyone's a suspect, including the girl's odd, but tough, older sister, Anne (Patch Mackenzie), who's home from the Marines (or army, or whatever) to accept a post-humous award for her, and the hard-ass track coach (Christopher George), who most everyone blames for the girl's death. There are some fairly creative murders (including a lethal football with a sword shoved through it), but it's difficult to tell who the main character is, because Mackenzie disappears from the movie for about twenty-five minutes! Meanwhile, we're treated to typical incompetent principals (Michael Pataki), typical lecherous music teachers, and typical jerk security guards. There are a number of minor sub-plots that never get resolved and only work to slow the movie down. Still, it was nice to see an entire stage performance from the rock band Felony (I've never heard of them either.) The direction shows some attempts at style here and there -- it doesn't always work, but it never hurts to try, I guess.

HIGHLIGHT: This is probably worth renting if only for the fact that it's probably the only time you'll ever see game show co-hostess Vanna White and B-movie scream queen Linnea Quigley sharing screen time (albeit, all too briefly) ... and their names even rhyme -- Doris and Dolores! God help me, but I get a satisfying little kick out of things like that.

Reviewed by FilmFatale 4 /10

For 80s Slasher Completists Only

Pretty lame and awful slasher about someone killing the members of a high school track team after their star runner dies during a meet.

Christopher George gives a hilariously over-the-top performance as the track team's coach. I don't think ANYONE has ever taken track and field as seriously as Chris does here - not even in the Olympics. It's a typically divine CG performance, and if you are a fan of the man/the legend, you should run right out and grab a copy.

But we watch slashers for the murders (you know it's true), not the performances, and Graduation Day fails to deliver on most counts (there is one really good kill). True horror only comes during a performance by the band "Felony". Never heard of 'em? Watch Graduation Day and find out why.

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