Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) torrent download

Hellbound: Hellraiser II


Action / Horror / Thriller



Doctor Channard is sent a new patient, a girl warning of the terrible creatures that have destroyed her family, Cenobites who offer the most intense sensations of pleasure and pain. But Channard has been searching for the doorway to Hell for years, and Kirsty must follow him to save her father and witness the power struggles among the newly damned.


Tony Randel


Ashley Laurence
as Kirsty Cotton
Clare Higgins
as Julia Cotton
Kenneth Cranham
as Dr. Philip Channard / Channard Cenobite
William Hope
as Kyle MacRae
Sean Chapman
as Frank Cotton
Doug Bradley
as Pinhead

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by firefrost79 N/A

One of the most kickass horror films of the '80's

Thus far and no further is how I view this film - while 'Hellraiser' was a smooth and well-handled interpretation of 'The Hellbound Heart', this serves as an interesting extension to that story. OK, the acting is largly dire - but is this not a horror movie tradition? The film excels in its MENTAL imagery, not physical: Tiffany's disturbing visions of babies with their mouth's sewn shut as Leviathan plays with her fears; Channards violent, acid flashback-style memories... they are all insightful and well-thought out as they deal with that which cannot be tamed easily - the human psyche. Director Tony Randall has a lot to live up to following Clive Barker's '87 epic, but he takes the reigns of the story with good grace and presents a slick and progressive tale - although I do agree with the general consensus that the Cenobites should NOT have been humanised.

All in all though a great film, fantastic visuals - the fall of Leviathan at the climax has to be one of the most gripping and explosive deaths of a movie monster in horror film history - and one which should have ended the tale.

Reviewed by Naturezrevenge 10 /10

All time fav. Beautiful, visceral, multi-layered and vaguely erotic.

Clive Barker is still the king. He brings us to a world where monsters have politics, the 5 senses rule, and we sometimes question whether our pre-notions of pain are as accurate as we think. The Hellraiser series is a lush, nightmarish, subliminal journey into human desire, masochism, mythos and madness. Pinhead is not so much the generic, evil antagtonist as he is a source of comfort and logic sometimes. Clive Barker has often toyed with our preconceptions that all "monsters" must be blindly destructive brutes, as opposed to the endearingly rational and decidedly intelligent Cenobites. Perhaps the fact that I have Cenobites tattooed makes me biased;) But it's still a unique piece with gorgeous imagery (to some.) Angels to some, demons to others... If you haven't seen Hellraiser 1 and 2 (the rest are not so great IMHO)...you must!

Reviewed by waynerainy 10 /10

The loneliest place anyone has been to

One of the best horror films i have seen. Watching this movie gave me the chills. It felt that it was the end of the world and hell is the only place left. The depiction of hell is really good in this movie. It is shown as a bleak, lonely place from which there is no escape. And the messengers from hell (Cenobites), headed by Pinhead are as good as ever plus you have The Doctor from (in) hell. One of the few sequels that has outdone the original movie. The last movie in the Hellraiser series worth watching. Pinhead (along with Freddy Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees of Friday, the 13th) is one of the best horror characters ever created. Definitely worth watching.

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