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Hellboy II: The Golden Army


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / War



After saving the world from the evil Russian mystic, Grigory Rasputin, in Hellboy (2004), the red-skinned gun-toting demon and humankind's strange protector, Hellboy, now struggles to accept that the operations of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence must remain secret. As if that weren't enough, the powerful Elven-prince, Nuada, is bent on retrieving the fragments of a crown that commands the indestructible Golden Army: an omnipotent legion of clockwork warriors that can destroy all humans. Now, before this new menace, all hope rests on Hellboy and Liz's old brothers-in-arms, as well as the ectoplasmic being, Johann Krauss. However, the Earth's supernatural defenders seem to be no match for Nuada's unstoppable forces. Did Hellboy and the rest bite off more than they could chew?


Guillermo del Toro


Ron Perlman
as Hellboy
Selma Blair
as Liz Sherman
Jeffrey Tambor
as Tom Manning
Doug Jones
as Abe Sapien
John Hurt
as Trevor Bruttenholm
Luke Goss
as Prince Nuada
John Alexander
as Johann Krauss / Bethmoora Goblin

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 /10

It's good movie to watch

Surprisingly good funny action. Selma, girl, cute, was a nice touch. The action is all good, good efffects and a story that held together. It's a bit strange and creepy at times but all in good fun. Many good ideas.

Reviewed by ametaphysicalshark N/A

Very good

You know you're not watching a formulaic comic book film when one of the highlights is a drunken rendition of "Can't Smile Without You" by Hellboy and Abe Sapien. "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" is a more confident, assured outing than the first film and while it does not draw from Mignola's comics for its plot it is perhaps better off for it, lacking the usual burden of comparison and expectations. "The Golden Army" is more fantastical than the first film and is less sci-fi oriented but this is the sort of thing Del Toro does exceptionally well as a writer. He never lets the fantasy become the focus of the film, instead concentrating on characters and delivering action scenes that can only be described as, forgive the crass immaturity, kickass.

As entertaining as many comic book-to-film adaptations are it is a rare event when one can call one of these films a true artistic achievement. I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Guillermo Del Toro's entire career has been leading up to this film, particularly regarding his work as screenwriter here. The comedy feels less forced and is worked incredibly well into the script here, so much so that it doesn't feel remotely unnatural when the scene of comic drunken singing leads directly without a break into one of the film's most intensely dramatic sequences. Del Toro's handling of character has never been better, not even with "The Devil's Backbone", which is still my favorite of his films, and his sheer skill and ability when it comes to telling a fairytale-esquire fantasy is astonishing, as proved in the prologue to this film. In short this is Del Toro at the top of his game and providing artistry the likes of which we rarely if ever see in summer blockbusters. It's only fair that an astonishingly brilliant comic like "Hellboy" by an astonishingly brilliant artist like Mike Mignola is adapted this well and by someone as talented at what they do as he is.

How refreshing it is, a week after the release of "Hancock", which to me epitomizes everything wrong with action film-making today, that we get "The Golden Army" which features hands down some of the finest action scenes we have ever seen in this sort of film. Just stunningly beautiful, well-shot, well-crafted, the sort of thing that leaves one wondering how much time and effort went into it and endlessly thankful that some really talented people went to the trouble of making the film.

The film is generally just superb on a technical level. Why am I even saying this? Of course it is. Danny Elfman composing, Guillermo Navarro serving as cinematographer, top-notch editors, fantastic special effects wizards. It's a world-class crew that made this film. I shouldn't be surprised at its quality but "The Golden Army" really just floored and astonished me with how good it is. The cast is also excellent, proving once again that you don't need 'big names' to carry a movie. Just about everyone here is excellent, particularly Perlman with another excellent turn as Hellboy and the underrated Selma Blair as Liz Sherman.

"Hellboy II: The Golden Army" provides essentially everything a Del Toro or Mignola fan would want. I imagine it will entertain and charm many outside those circles as well with its fantastic action sequences, engaging characters, and wonderful sense of humor. I would personally go as far as calling "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" one of the top five or so comic book movies ever made.

Reviewed by Angelus2 10 /10

A Christmas Fantasy/Action Movie

Its Christmas and we find Hellboy with his dad as they wait for Father Christmas and then Hellboy is captivated by a story about a long lost empire, a hidden army and a exiled prince.

Years later Hellboy is fighting the creatures of darkness and finally the story from his childhood is about to become a reality.

This film was surprisingly better then the first and was more funnier and much more action packed; I watched it yesterday and as its December the Christmas spirit lurks in my heart and this film for some reasons feels perfect at this time of the year. I loved the scenes with Abe and the princess....And I was glad Abe was given more screen time...Krauss was a brilliant bonus, he made you laugh out loud at his miss-pronunciation. However I think the strength lies in the dark world that Torro brings to life, it beautiful and like something out of your wildest dreams... you can see the magic that lies within this mysterious world.

Prince Nauda is an amazing villain he balances the innocence and evil with brilliance and his fighting skills are just outstanding. Hellboy is funnier in this film.......Lastly the fighting choreography is amazing, simply put.

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