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Holy Man


Action / Comedy / Drama



Ricky Hayman, right hand of Good Buy Shopping Network's owner John McBainbridge, is responsible for over two years of very bad sales numbers. He gets a last chance. Accidentally, he and Kate Newell nearly run over G with his car and decide to take him with them. What they never could guess was that G really is the one good man around. Being on the search for enlightenment, G offers his help generously to save Ricky's job. His natural, uncontrollable behaviour soon gets Ricky into really big trouble, but the sales numbers now go up for the first time in months...


Stephen Herek


Kelly Preston
as Kate Newell
Jeff Goldblum
as Ricky Hayman
Robert Loggia
as McBainbridge
Morgan Fairchild
as Morgan Fairchild
Jon Cryer
as Barry
Betty White
as Betty White

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fung0 9 /10

Brilliant, if you're up for it

This is one of those "why don't they make 'em like that any more" movies. If it starred, say, Jimmie Stewart and Jean Arthur, everyone would look upon it fondly, as a treasured masterpiece. But no, it's the often-abrasive Eddie Murphy, and the frequently hard-to-take Jeff Goldblum. If you can handle the casting, though, this is a marvelous movie, transcending its formula to deliver moments of hilarity as well as a thoughtful message.

Jeff Goldblum is, to me, impeccably cast as an ambitious but unsuccessful salesman. The explanation, later in the movie, of how he traveled with his father on sales trips, sets the character up beautifully. We come to understand that his lack of success really stems from a lack of commitment to the no-holds-barred ethos of the salesman. And, of course, that's a good thing.

Murphy plays "G", who may or may not be divine, but certainly is other-worldly. He's the opposite of Goldblum's character: totally centered, with no attachment to anything, least of all the crass commercialism of the shopping network where Goldblum works. Naturally, he disrupts Goldblum's life, but the kicker comes when Goldblum desperately puts G on the air, and finds that sincerity sells better than salesmanship.

A number of reviewers have complained that there's not enough of Murphy. Maybe so, if you're expecting a full-on Eddie Murphy vehicle. But Holy Man is more than just an "Eddie Murphy" movie, and G the sort of showcase role that no actor could resist. It really lets Murphy shine, displaying more subtlety than usual... yet spinning nicely off his usual sarcastic persona.

The plot, to be sure, is formulaic. You can see the twists coming a mile away. So what? This type of cinema is as ritualistic as Greek tragedy, or Kabuki theater. The point isn't in where it's going, but in how it gets there. And get there it does, making its little Zen point about materialism versus spirituality in a unique and compelling way.

And, at times, a hilariously funny way. The 'magic trick' G performs with a Rolex watch is side-splitting. But it's easily topped by the gut-wrenchingly funny antics of G as he roams from one set to another in the TV studio. What he does to Morgan Fairchild is one of the great moments of sadistic slapstick. (I admire her for appearing in this unflattering scene; she must have an amazing sense of humor.)

I'll admit that the two stars will limit this film's appeal. But even if you're not a fan of Murphy or Goldblum, it's worth taking a chance. Personally, I tend to find Goldblum overpowering; I was definitely rooting for the Tyranosaurus to catch up with his asinine "chaotician" in Jurassic Park (1 and 2). But in some roles he just works, and this is one of them. (Another is "Beyond Suspicion," a.k.a. "Auggie Rose.")

This is not only a good movie, it's one that I actually pull down off the shelf and watch, far more frequently than many of the better-known 'classics.' I've seen it at least four times, and intend to see it many more.

Reviewed by Goosfrabah 6 /10

Better than it gets credit for...

Just saw this movie again for the first time since 1998, and I gotta admit, it's a lot better than I remembered it. I think back then people just had way too high expectations for it; that and the fact that it wasn't an "all Eddie Murphy" film--as the reviewer before me put it-- led to its limited success.

Jeff Goldblum can get on my nerves sometimes, but the stark contrast between the personality of his and Murphy's characters in this movie makes for some pretty funny scenes. As for Eddie, his performance as G is one of the best I've ever seen him do: you really do Believe he is a "Holy Man."

Reviewed by QuantumJumper13 10 /10

Makes you Think

I think that most people are misinterpreting the main purpose of the movie. The whole purpose of the movie is to make people think, especially about their current lives and materialism. However, rather than taking a rather somber approach throughout the movie, the movie tries to take an Al Franken approach, and inform through humor. Perhaps this may be because I personally identified with the message, but still, the nonmaterialistic message definitely strikes home, with comedy sprinkled in. If a light hearted comedy is what you are looking for, then this is probably not the best movie to watch simply because the movie isn't that funny. It isn't entirely deep either, but it does manage to get the point across, and makes you think.

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