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I Am Soldier


Action / Thriller / War



I Am Soldier follows Mickey Tomlinson (Tom Hughes), a military chef, who attempts the most dangerous military selection known to man: The Special Air Service (S.A.S.) selection. The S.A.S. Is the United Kingdom's most renowned Special Forces Regiment, tasked with life threatening missions in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Mickey has more military experience than simply being a chef, something he doesn't let on to the other candidates... Mickey is smashed by this selection process - his mind, body and soul scream for mercy as he endures torturous speed-marches over the steepest mountains, running for his life during 'Escape and Evasion' and then facing the most evil interrogation possible, during the deadly phase known as: 'Tactical Questioning.' Even after everything, there is still only one way you can really prove yourself: in combat... Many try to get into the S.A.S. Only the elite make it.


Ronnie Thompson


Philip Desmeules
as Agent Blake
Lee Charles
as Petrovic

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikebike-30-708948 1 /10

Just a waste of time

I didn't expect much but for some unknown reason wanted to give it a go after reading a handful of positive reviews.

The movie starts out OK, with a pretty decent depiction of the SAS selection, some even shot on location in Hereford but then "Mickey" receive his beret and its all downhill from there (about last 10 minutes of the movie). Skipping years of following jungle training, arctic training etc he is thrown straight into action when Carters team is ordered to take down a terrorist cell, complete with some hand-held nuke/dirty bomb gizmo...

The assault is so unprofessional and uninterestingly filmed that I first thought it must be some kind of training but no. I was left with a feeling of "What just happened?" It was like somebody had throw in some action shot by some high-school-YouTube-home-movie-makers at the end after the filming had ended and it made it through the distribution process without anyone noticing.

Reviewed by ukmoose123 6 /10

Unfair reviews!

I feel the other reviews for this film to be somewhat unfair, yes it'll never win any Oscars nor will it go down as an epic, I feel it certainly provides a fair amount of realism with regard to the selection process, being a former squaddie and in my early years having gone through the same selection process and failed miserably, I feel I can comment from first hand. All I can say is from a personal experience the film certainly portrays a realistic and brutal experience. Watching this film brought back some terrible memories that I would rather forget. If any squaddies currently serving is looking to do this selection course, trust me watch this film, well at least watch the first three quarters and it will give you a taster as to what to expect.

It is a low budget film, pretty poor acting and the end mission a complete let down and unprofessional acting, but nevertheless overall entertaining, therefore 6 stars.

Reviewed by tompaxy 5 /10

Newsflash for those who made this film (or any other for that matter)

You know, there are at least 15-20 million of people in Europe that know how Serbian sounds like. Why insult them with pathetic attempts of non-native speakers trying to wrap their mouths around it in such a terrible manner that not even native Serbian could understand what a hell they're trying to say? It's unacceptable with today's technology. You could have found local Serbian teens, pay them a hamburger to dub those parts. This way it only amounts to super low production. Otherwise I can't say I didn't find some fun in the movie, even acting is not so bad as other reviews might make you think. If it only wasn't for those joke parts in which (supposedly native?) Serbian woman butchers the language to unspeakable extent...

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