Julia is a young woman dating a stranger that she met on the Internet in a bar. Out of the blue, she decides to leave the man and goes to the parking lot, but the stranger abducts her, and brands her thigh with the letter "X". He then starts a nightmare journey for Julia. What will happen to the man?


P.J. Pettiette

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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 /10

Flawed and Gore Black Comedy of Cat-and-Mouse Game

Julia (Valerie Azlynn) is a young woman dating a stranger (Kevin Sorbo) that she met on the Internet in a bar. Out of the blue, she decides to leave the man and goes to the parking lot. However, the stranger abducts her and brands her thigh with the letter "X". Then he brings Julia and a corpse of a woman in his truck to dump the body in the middle of nowhere. However Julia flees from him and hides in an old house. The man hunts her but she subdues him. Then she calls her sister Jessica (Alicia Leigh Willis) and they bring him to her house. Soon the stranger learns that the sisters are deranged and is tortured by them. What will happen to the man?

"Julia X" is a B-movie with a promising storyline of cat-and-mouse game. However the execution is flawed and the gore story is lost between horror and black comedy. In the end, "Julia X" is too silly for horror and the black humor is not funny. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "A Vingança de Julia" ("The Revenge of Julia")

Reviewed by Tcarts76 7 /10

2 Hot chicks, Kevin Sorbo, and B movie= a good laugh and a fun movie

This one starts off really bad. It starts like a B movie that you made a mistake taking a chance on, but give it time it turns out to be fun.

So this is one of those dangers of internet dating tales in the beginning, a hot girl gets kidnapped by a serial killer and is seemingly his next victim, She escapes and with the help of her hot sister turns the tables.

OK, so this is a B-movie, Kevin Sorbo is in it and that should say enough to turn and run away screaming "NO." The main character Julia (Valerie Azlynn) is hot enough to keep you watching as a guy, and when her sister, Jessica (Alicia Leigh Willis) gets into the action it just ends up being a fun, comedy, horror flick. Nothing thought provoking, the script is lame enough that it makes for a decent laugh. A lot of violence, some blood, the only thing that could have made this B movie any better would be if the Women showed some more skin and threw in some good sex scenes.

This is what a B movie should be. Fun, twisted Fun. I was amazed I would enjoy this movie, but I did, 7 stars for me.

Reviewed by Coventry 5 /10

Hercules versus the Deadly Barbie Dolls

Another wannabe tongue-in-cheek splatter flick that is, in fact, not nearly as crowd-pleasing as the creators intended it to be. The film opens very traditional; with Hercules (Kevin Sorbo for friends) depicting a handsome yet deranged serial killer who meets his victims via dating sites and then eventually kills and bookmarks them with a follow-up letter of the alphabet on their butts. Why? Because all females are cruel heartless bitches, of course! And, by the looks of it, our boy Hercules (whose character actually remains nameless throughout the entire film) has been active for quite a while, as the sexy blond Julia sitting across him at the restaurant table during the opening sequences is supposed to become number "X" already. But this date won't go as easily as planned for Hercules, because Julia – together with her equally ravishing younger sister Jessica – is a serial killer herself, also targeting men that respond to dating ads placed by luscious blond chicks. Why? Because all males are sexually perverted bastards like their daddy was, of course! The revelation of Julia being a serial killer herself is supposed to come as a totally unexpected plot twist, but I surely haven't got a problem with mentioning it here in the review, as you can see it coming from several miles away. The concept of a "showdown between serial killers" certainly isn't new and, moreover, it's one of the most implausible and far-fetched formulas imaginable. "Julia X" also doesn't undertake any effort to provide the story and characters with more depth and/or background. We learn absolutely nothing about Hercules' character (not even his name) and the explanation of the girls' bad behavior is restricted to a few very clichéd flashbacks and a handful of verbal arguments between them. Instead, the whole damn film is just a non-stop series of torturing, fights, escapes, chases and wannabe witty one-liners. The "X" in the title might just as well stand for the Roman number ten and refer to the amount of times that Hercules ought to have died! He's beaten, stabbed, bludgeoned, thrown from heights and mutilated more than any living creature could possibly bear – yes, even Hercules – and yet he rises again every time seemingly even without suffering. Both girls as well put up with a lot more physical agony than their beautiful anatomy can possibly handle. "Julia X" is a film that is dreadfully overlong, or at least feels that way because the subject matter is minimal and simplistic. This actually might have worked a lot better as a short, with approximately three quarters of the cat-and-mouse games cut from the final print. On the plus side, the special effects and make-up are quite superior and, if you have the opportunity to watch the film with 3D-glasses on your nose, it's definitely worthwhile. It's one of those rare flicks where the 3D treatment isn't just a lame gimmick to lure more viewers, but an actual added value.

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