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Just Add Water


Action / Comedy / Romance



Close to the entrance to Death Valley is the God-forsaken town of Trona. It's nearly empty: dry, with polluted water and poisoned soil. Dilapidated houses hold slackers and stoners. The town is virtually owned by Dirk, a heartless young meth dealer. In the midst of this lives Ray Tuckby, a naïf, unhappily married with a slothful son. The highlight of Ray's day is chatting with Nora, a clerk at the market. When Ray comes home early from work and finds his wife in bed with his brother, a few things start to change. Then he meets Merl, who's putting in a Chevron station, and Merl encourages Ray to dream. Can he? A recipe for meringue may hold one of the keys.


Hart Bochner


Dylan Walsh
as Ray Tuckby
Justin Long
as Spoonie
Brad Hunt
as Denny

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 /10

Nice guys finish first.....

Danny DeVito lends his presence to what is essentially minimalist entertainment. The acting and character development are totally acceptable, but the story is very simplistic, and is further weakened by unnecessary voice overs. There are moments of black comedy, romance, and action, but the film suffers from an identity crisis, because none of the above features are very strong, leaving "Just Add Water" with sort of a questionable genre. Marginally recommended for those who like isolated desert towns, with goofy characters. The closest similar movies I can think of would be "Sordid Lives" or "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me" - MERK

Reviewed by MikeyB1793 6 /10

Doesn't quite make it

Is this movie a satire, comedy, vigilante, romance ...? It works for the first hour or so as a satire and then becomes a combination syrupy romance and revenge-vigilante movie.

Some of the acting is good - the male lead is, but the female grocery-girl love interest is simplistic. The dead-beats and loser-town America were well portrayed and this gave the movie some authenticity - the homes and interiors were certainly not taken from 'Town and Country'.

But when it's said and done the ending is a lame-brain fairy tale. Too bad because I did feel 'sometimes' that this film was going somewhere.

Reviewed by I_saw_it_happen 7 /10

Modest, formulaic, but nice.

This is a quite enjoyable movie, well-made and pretty much an atmosphere piece, which is extremely formulaic (you'll know everything that's going to happen more than half-way through), but actually succeeds at being the sort of 'heart-warming' stuff that so many films market themselves as and fail at.

The humor is just offbeat enough to be particular, and I was actually quite happy to see that there were practically no pop culture references; this is significant, because for me, this means there's an actual story sustaining itself, rather than 'shout-outs' to the audience's immersion in contemporary culture.

And finally, perhaps most significantly: Jonah Hall, who I have disparaged in other posts, and whose acting I generally dislike, was actually quite good in this film. In other films, I've felt as if he was simply trying to imitate 'Cartman' from Southpark; there is a bit of that in this film, but Hall makes the role his own, and actually becomes a character you really care about, and feel Ray's pride and disappointment in. Perhaps Hall is developing as an actor, or perhaps this movie simply allowed him to do a better job.

This is a pretty nice 'date movie'. One of the only 'feel good' movies I've ever seen that wasn't saccharin and annoying.

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