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A half-striped zebra is born into an insular, isolated herd obsessed with stripes. Rumors that the strange foal is cursed spread and, before long, he is blamed for the drought that sets into the Great Karoo. When even his father, the leader of the herd, blames him for the lack of rain and the subsequent death of his mother, the outcast zebra leaves the confines of his home knowing that he cannot survive in the herd without all his stripes. Khumba ventures beyond the fence - vulnerable to the ferocious Leopard, Phango, who controls the waterholes and terrorizes the animals in the Great Karoo. Khumba is rescued from an opportunistic wild dog by a quirky duo: a wildebeest and an ostrich. Mama V is a self-confessed free spirit who does not want to be the average stay-at-home mom, like other wildebeest. Ironically, she mothers Bradley, a flamboyant but insecure ostrich who overcompensates for his scraggily feathers. When a mystical mantis appears to the foal, drawing a map to what could be...


Anthony Silverston


Jake T. Austin
as Khumba (voice)
Liam Neeson
as Phango (voice)
Steve Buscemi
as Skalk (voice)
AnnaSophia Robb
as Tombi (voice)
Laurence Fishburne
as Seko (voice)
Richard E. Grant
as Bradley (voice)
Loretta Devine
as Mama V (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimnshay 7 /10

DIFFERENT Fun for the Whole Family

Yes, yes, another talking-wild-animal film, complete with journey of discover for the poor half- striped zebra who doesn't fit it. But I found it to be a first-class effort of its type. Oh, yes, it does slow down a bit in the middle; they could have tightened it up quite a lot.

But some of the animated characters were quite clever, humorous, or both. And the cultural memes and stories utilized in the plot, being out of South Africa, were significantly different than the approach that say, Disney or Dreamworks might have taken.

Your kids will enjoy it. And if you appreciate animation, you'll enjoy a fresh approach to a familiar type of animated features.

Reviewed by zaeroxe 2 /10

It's been done before but never this bad

I read the reviews here at IMDb praising this movie, saw the low score and figured something wasn't right. Those reviewers will probably give this a low score. It's my first review at IMDb and unfortunately it's for the wrong reasons.

The comparison with The Lion King has to be done. It feels like a COMPLETE, very bad rip off from beginning till the end with a little Ice age here and there. It doesn't bother me that it's a rip off what bothers me is that it's done so poorly.

We have Scar the bad lion who even has a problem with one of his eyes and the hyenas working for him. The female Zebra in Khumbas age being his only friend and of course a parent dying within the first minutes of the movie but it's hard to feel sad when there are no lines between the two up until the death. Khumba makes two friends, Timon and Pumba or rather Timon and Manfred (Ice Age), and travels to get his stripes because everyone knows you can't be different. Manfred the mammoth from Ice age, Mama V, has the only difference being a female buffalo but with the same background story as Manfred and she almost looks the same(big protective buffalo). After 15 minutes you will know exactly how the movie is going to end, this is no joke and it was hard having to sit through the whole thing.

The animation is nothing special, lazy I guess. The background seem like still pictures and sometimes it feels like the animators didn't know how to finish certain scenes, making the animals do some specific things, so a few scenes end very abruptly. The zebras look the same and are hard to tell apart at times. They are way too many and there's a scene with a bunch of antelopes looking the same where they try to make a joke out of this. This is a movie for children. The message with the movie is that being different is okay, but for some reason you have to prove yourself anyway so the message makes no sense. There is one good joke if even that, the rest of the jokes keep getting explained all the freaking time which makes me believe it's for children who doesn't get the word play jokes but then again the jokes are so dumb and cheap so the explanations are unnecessary.

The music is nothing special. In less than a minute it goes from happy to scary/intense to sad. What are we supposed to feel, irritated?

Side note: One reviewer said something about many inside jokes that could only be understood by South Africans. If that's the case which I guarantee you is not it would just be another reason not to see the movie. If however you aren't from South Africa.

Conclusion: It's been done before so many times and so much better. This movie is far from original and I'm sorry but I really can't recommend it for any reason except for that one good joke I guess which may only be good since all the other ones are so bad. Want my advice, go watch The Lion King or Ice Age again instead.


Reviewed by chaudryhaseeb 7 /10

A Wonderful journey and Surprisingly good movie

I just finished watching Khumba and i found it very interesting, enjoyful and funny to watch. This is by no means only a child movie, even adults will enjoy them. I liked it :) To begin with? The animation is wonderful(at one moment i thought, is this animation), the story is moving, the characters are well written and lovable. Even the "side villain dog" is lovable and funny in a way. You may find out the story a little stereotypical but the journey it will take you through is enjoyable and you are not bored at all. OK the Ostrich is sometimes a bit over. Thats all. There are other characters like tiger, buffalo, rabbit, eagle, Gazelles, hedgehogs apart from zebras that you will surely enjoy.

I even enjoyed it more than "Frozen" which is creating a hype nowadays. Just go ahead don't listen to negative criticism and give it a watch.

This is my first review ever here and English not my first language so please ignore any errors.

I give it 7.5 out of 10.

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