A group of strangers who wake up in what appears to be an abandoned building, unable to remember how they got there, find themselves haunted by strange visions and are forced to face all the wrongs they have done in their lives.


Greg A. Sager


Ry Barrett
as Sam Becker
Camille Hollett-French
as Jessica Martin
Jason Martorino
as Daniel Levine
William Foley
as Charles Monroe
Soroush Saeidi
as Nadir Bhindra
Katie Uhlmann
as Rachel O'Hara

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Reviewed by shawnblackman 5 /10

Boredom Come

Several people wake to find themselves in a vacant run down hospital with no idea how they got there or why they are there. Now if you have never seen any movies before in your life you'll probably enjoy this. Chances are however you've seen something like this before.

I have seen Devil's Seed:2012 which is by the same people and I enjoyed it. This one is nothing like it. As the film progresses we learn more as to where they are and why they are there which you can predict right away. They spend 50 screen minutes just looking for an exit. In some parts I thought watching people go through a revolving door would be more entertaining.

Horror fans won't enjoy this one. There is no real violence but there is nudity. There is a couple of cool looking demons but some look like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree as well! Another problem with this one is all the scenes are in the dark save for a few flashbacks. The very end will have you rolling your eyes.

All in all I was disappointed with this one. This is a film where ten minutes after you watch it you forget you even watched it. That's why I did this review five minutes after I watched it. 5/10.

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 5 /10

Slightly better than average.

Sure I've seen plenty with this subject on, yet somehow, Kingdom Come seemed better than most and if not, at least more heartwarming. What makes this a decent production compared to say, Devils's Dozen per example?

Well let's see, the acting, looked good enough, some of the actors actually knew what they were doing. Is the subject original? No. Is the direction taken on a different road? Again, no. But the effects, were decent enough for what they were supposed to do, they didn't try too hard, they worked with what they had, thus one must appreciate the effort put in it. I hate it when a movie tries to compensate on bad effects, or gore, or nudity. Not the case here, don't get me wrong, you'll get your part of nudity, a little blood here and there, but they are important to the story. Overall, I gave it a 5, quite possibly the film will be graded in time with an universal 4.2-4.4 but I wanted to give it a little push. Possibly has to do with the fact that expected very little of it. Anyway I am pleased with it.

Of course for better productions on this gender try Devil or Dead End. Both movies get a solid 7.5-8 on my books.


Reviewed by kuashie 7 /10

Its a little underrated.

Now this movie is not one of those with star cast, fancy effects or big ass budgets.

With that said I think this movie deserves some appreciation with the effort that was put into providing a good plot and twists.

Even with the many flaws in acting during the first couple of minutes, it improved to some extent as the movie progressed. Truth be told, I nearly quit watching after just the first five minutes. I only continued watching so I can see how worst the acting gets, however it turned out I was in for a little surprise.

After the introduction of all the characters, my perception of the movie changed. I was wondering who was who, I was also trying to predict what would happen only to fail.

That encouraged me to watch more and more until the ending, where I witnessed one of the most unique endings to a horror movie I have watched in while.

If you ask me this movie doesn't provide star actors or super star acting. But what it does provide is a good plot with a seriously unpredictable events making for an entertaining movie.

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